Ovestin - drugs used in gynecology
 Ovestin - estrogenosoderzhaschy drugs used for the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Pharmacological action

Ovestin contains estriol - a female hormone short-acting. Application Ovestin promotes healing of the epithelium of the vaginal mucosa, restoration of natural microflora and pH balance of the vagina and helps compensate for the lack of estrogen, increase resistance to epithelial urinary tract infections.

There are positive reviews Ovestin confirming that drug treatment can eliminate incontinence, reduce the daily amount of urination.

Product form

Ovestin release tablets, suppositories and cream.

Analogs Ovestin: Estrokad, Elvagin, estriol - drugs with the same active ingredient.

Indications Ovestin

The drug is effective in the atrophic changes in the vaginal mucosa due to lack of estrogen, and is accompanied by pain during intercourse, itching, dryness and other unpleasant sensations in the vaginal area.

Treatment Ovestin prescribed for the patient's complaints of pain when urinating, frequent urination, urinary incontinence.

Also Ovestin and analogues Ovestin prescribed for the prevention of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, treatment of infertility associated with cervical factor.

Instructions Ovestin: how to use

 Ovestin tablets
 Judging by the reviews of Ovestin, its formulation does not affect the effectiveness of the treatment.

Of a tablet is administered candles or vaginal cream once per day.

If atrophic changes in the vaginal mucosa is prescribed to take 4-8 mg per day for a month. A month later, the patient was transferred to the supportive care - prescribed to take 1-2 mg.

When used for the treatment of vaginal suppositories Ovestin appoint administered daily for one candle during the month. Thereafter, the dosage is reduced to 2 candles per week.

When using the cream daily Ovestin inserted into the vagina of his one dose. In maintenance therapy (a single dose of cream twice a week) go after the symptoms become less pronounced.

When infertility, cervical factor provoked (very low survival rate of sperm in the cervix), the woman is prescribed to take 1-2 mg Ovestin day from 6th to 15th days of the menstrual cycle. The instructions Ovestin stated that in some cases the dose was increased to 8 mg.

Women during menopause to prepare for surgery through the vagina, two weeks before surgery prescribed suppositories Ovestin. It should be administered daily for one candle. After surgery, it is recommended two weeks of treatment Ovestin - administered by one candle twice a week.

In preparation for surgery can be assigned tablets: 4-8 mg for 2 weeks prior to surgery, and 1-2 mg for 2 weeks after surgery.

Application Ovestin cream also recommended to begin two weeks prior to the operation: one dose is administered per day, and postoperatively - two doses per week.

For the treatment of menopausal disorders take pills prescribed: 4-8 mg daily. Gradually reduce the dosage.

Women who, having passed the Pap cytology, received a vague result Ovestin prescribed according to the instructions for further investigation: a week before the date of the next stroke must be a day to put into the vagina of the 1st candle or a 1st dose of cream.
  Treatment Ovestin desirable to carry out without interruption. If another method was passed, but the last admission took place less than 36 hours, take another pill or enter a candle / cream can. If it has been more than 36 hours, do not take another dose, but the treatment continues.

Dosing Ovestin analogs may differ, so by replacing the drug should consult a doctor.

Side effects Ovestin

Application Ovestin can cause irritation and itching in the vaginal mucosa.

In some cases, because of the high doses of the drug Ovestin and analogs can be marked tenderness, sensitivity and tension chest.

In addition, there are reviews Ovestin, indicating that the drug can cause heavy or breakthrough bleeding, malignant / benign neoplasia (cancer of the breast or endometrium), embolism pulmonary vascular vein thrombosis in the legs, heart attack, stroke, gallstones, hemorrhagic purpura , erythema nodosum or multiforme, chloasma, alopecia, increased libido.


Treatment Ovestin is contraindicated in women who have had previous breast cancer or suspected it, if estrogen-tumors, endometrial hyperplasia, vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, venous thrombosis.

The instructions Ovestin also stated that it is not prescribed for heart attack, angina, porphyria, liver disease in the acute stage, in case of hypersensitivity.

With care prescribe a drug for endometriosis, uterine fibroids, high pressure, benign liver tumors, gallstones, diabetes, jaundice, liver failure, migraines, lupus, asthma, otosclerosis, pancreatitis, epilepsy.

There are reviews Ovestin confirming that estriol increases the effect of drugs, lipid lowering, and reduces the effectiveness of anticoagulants, hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, diuretics and antidepressants, the male sex hormone.

In effect Ovestin bad effect opioids, ethanol, anxiolytics (drugs with sedative effects).

Enhances the effect of drugs thyroid medications and folic acid.