Ovariamin - drugs used in gynecology
 Ovariamin - a biological food additive, used in gynecology.

Pharmacological action

Active substance Ovariamina, tsitaminy, prepared from ovaries of cattle. It contains nucleoproteins and proteins that contribute to the restoration of ovarian function of women.

It was found that the drug reduces the anterior pituitary gonadotropin-releasing activity, improves steroidogenic ovarian function reduces the amount of follicle-stimulating hormone.

Tsitaminy - a non-hormonal substance having an estrogen-like properties. It does not contain preservatives and it can be without the health risks combined with other drugs.

Product form

Ovariamin release tablets.

Indications Ovariamina

BAA administered prophylactically during menopause, when ovarian function in chronic, acute adnexitis, menstrual disorders.

There are positive reviews Ovariamine of women who took it during pregnancy planning. It is noted that in most cases a pregnancy after treatment there came naturally. Also, supplements can be prescribed to patients to 30 and after 35 years, who are preparing for insemination or in vitro fertilization. In these cases Ovariamin combine Epifaminom - bioregulator pineal gland, which stimulates the hormonal and immune systems.

Women who took Ovariamin during menopause, marked improvement of health: they have restorative sleep, irritability, and decreased sweating, manifested less "hot flashes."

Instructions Ovariamina: how to use

 Ovariamin tablets
 10-15 days of taking the drug for 1-9 tablets per day. The daily dose divided into 2-3 receptions.

Women planning a pregnancy, it is better to take Ovariamin in the 1st phase of the menstrual cycle, with 1 or 5-day cycle. A more accurate dosing scheme assigns doctor.

After 3 or 6 months is recommended to repeat the course.

Side effects Ovariamina

No reviews Ovariamine, cause serious side effects.

If the patient is found idiosyncrasy components of the drug, there may be an allergic reaction.


The instructions Ovariamina stated that it is not prescribed in case of hypersensitivity to the agent during pregnancy, lactation.

In addition, it is not recommended to take supplements without prior examination and consultation gynecologist.