Otipaks - anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  Otipaks

Pharmacological action

Otipaks - a combination drug, the therapeutic effect of which is carried out by its member lidocaine and phenazone.

Lidocaine - a substance with analgesic properties.

Phenazone has analgesic, anti-inflammatory action and, in addition, is antipyretic, i.e. it reduces fever.

Judging by the reviews of otipaks, a combination of two analgesics provides an opportunity to accelerate the onset of anesthesia, it can increase the duration and intensity.

Apply the medication only in otorhinolaryngology.

Product form

The product is produced in the form of ear drops.

Analogs otipaks - drops Otirelaks and Folikap, which are based on the same active ingredients.

Indications otipaks

Drops is indicated for the topical treatment of pain relief and barotravmaticheskogo otitis media, otitis media in the acute stage and otitis arising as a complication of the flu.

Allowed to use the drops for the same indications in pediatric patients, prescribers, even newborns.

Instructions otipaks: how to use

Treatment drops Otipaks usually lasts 10 days, bury them two or three times a day every day. For once instilled 3-4 drops.

The dosage for infants determined by the physician on an individual basis.

The instructions otipaks stated that immediately prior to use a bottle of medicine, it is desirable to warm hands to cold drops did not cause the patient discomfort.  Otipaks produced in the form of ear drops

side effects

Application otipaks can cause the appearance of redness or irritation of the skin in the ear.

If the drug is instilled into the ear canal with a damaged eardrum, can develop partial or complete deafness. To avoid this, before the appointment otipaks necessarily held otoscopy - examination of auditory canal with the help of special tools.


You can not assign Otipaks and analogues otipaks case of hypersensitivity to lidocaine or phenazone, patients who have damaged eardrum.

Pregnant women, nursing women drops prescribed in exceptional cases and only after confirming the integrity of the eardrum.

No negative reviews otipaks, given simultaneously with other medications.

Active substances drops can give a positive result when testing for drug content in the blood (doping control).