Orthosiphon - Medicines used to relieve swelling
 Orthosiphon - means, has a diuretic effect.

Pharmacological action

The leaves of the plant staminate orthosiphon found tannins, saponins and glucoside ortosifonin. Infusion of the leaves is also called renal tea - it has a diuretic, choleretic and antiseptic effect, relieves cramps, helps to increase the production of gastric juice.

Positive reviews orthosiphon due to the fact that due to the effects of plants on the body with the urine output chlorides, uric acid and urea.

Product form

Medicinal raw materials produced in loose form or in paper cartons of 50 g or in convenient brewing briquettes. In one briquette contains 6 grams of crushed leaves.

Indications orthosiphon

Orthosiphon instructions for taking to relieve the swelling that occurs with chronic heart or kidney failure and poor circulation, as a diuretic in nefrourolitiaze or as cholagogue - cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder).

Besides orthosiphon well removes spasms, so it is recommended to drink at a renal colic.

Orthosiphon allowed to take during pregnancy, it is well relieves swelling that often occur in this period because of the increasing burden on the kidneys. In addition, pregnant women appoint kidney tea with pyelonephritis and preeclampsia, and nursing mothers are advised to take remedy for hypogalactia - insufficient milk production.

Due to its antiseptic properties orthosiphon can drink when urethritis, cystitis and kidney stones.

Instructions orthosiphon: how to use

 Orthosiphon a kidney tea
 Infusion grass taking twice per day.

When preparing tea renal orthosiphon grass used in pure form of 200 ml of boiling water 3 5 g of leaves and one for brewing a preform (6 g leaves) have 400 ml of boiling water.

Infusion orthosiphon take warm ½ cup (100 mL) for 30 minutes. before meals. Therapy usually lasts 2-3 weeks.

Ready, but not used kidney tea is usable only for the next two days.

Side effects orthosiphon

Reviews orthosiphon indicate that infusion of the leaves is well tolerated, but if you are hypersensitive may get a rash or redness on the skin and other allergic reactions.


Do not take extracts from the plant in the presence of hypersensitivity to it.

When pregnancy orthosiphon take only under the supervision of the attending physician.