Orgametril - a drug used for the treatment of gynecological diseases
 Orgametril - hormonal drug for the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Pharmacological action

The action of the active substance Orgametrila, lynestrenol, similar to the action of progesterone - a hormone that is produced in the ovaries of healthy women, fertility, and provides normal development of breast and endometrial cancer, the onset of menstruation.

Orgametril prescribed for progesterone deficiency and diseases associated with low levels of the hormone.

Lynestrenol tend to influence changes in the endometrium, including prevent its excessive proliferation. Due to this action of the active substance there is a high efficiency Orgametrila endometriosis and menstrual irregularities.

If uninterrupted, and prolonged use of the drug inhibited ovulation in women, which can be used in the treatment of menstrual pain or ovulatory.

Product form

Orgametril release tablets.

Indications Orgametrila

Assign Orgametril endometriosis, benign breast tumors, menstrual irregularities, to eliminate the pain that occur during ovulation or menstruation.

The instructions Orgametrila also pointed out that it can be used for the prevention of endometrial hyperplasia in women during menopause. Particularly good reviews Orgametrile applied during menopause together with estrogen.

Instructions Orgametrila: how to use

 Orgametril tablets
 Tablets Orgametril, like most hormonal preparations, should be taken in the same time of day.

When menstrual disorders and endometriosis Orgametril take from 14 th to 25 th day of the cycle on a daily basis for the 1st tablet. The first day is the one in which the start of menstrual bleeding.

When long and heavy menstrual bleeding Orgametril recommended to take 10 days to 2 tablets.

During menopause, and estrogen replacement therapy of Orgametril instructions on taking a month for 12-15 days ½ or 1 tablet.

If the next tablet Orgametrila was not accepted, and more than a day since the last drug administration has not yet passed, the missed tablet can take. If it has been more than a day, missed a pill is not taken, but the treatment continues. Judging by the reviews of Orgametrile, skipping one pill does not affect the effectiveness of treatment.

Side effects Orgametrila

Orgametril can cause headache, irritability, rash, acne, itching, and brown spots on the skin, depression, dizziness, excessive body hair, and yellowing of the sclera, breast tenderness, swelling, nausea, changes in libido.

There are reviews Orgametrile pointing to the fact that after its use in women began spotting or bleeding from the vagina in the middle of the cycle. In most cases, such side effects developed at the beginning of treatment, in the first two months, and then passed.

Women after 55 years of taking the drug, can celebrate frequent urination and intense thirst.


Do not take the medication during pregnancy, lactation, in case of hypersensitivity, jaundice, presence of tumors in the liver, and bleeding from the vagina, the origin of which is unclear.

According to the instructions Orgametril not designate also porphyria, otosclerosis (hearing loss), poor blood clotting, severe depression, heart attack, thrombosis, thromboembolism, diabetes, cerebrovascular disorders, inborn errors of metabolism of cholesterol.

Patients with high blood pressure drug is prescribed with caution: constantly monitoring the pressure level and recommend to reduce the amount of liquid consumed per day to 1, 5-2 liters.