Omnopon as a solution for injection
 Omnopon - anesthetic.

Pharmacological action

Omnopon refers to a group of opioid analgesics, relieves spasms and pain.

By the action of the drug similar to morphine, but differs from it in a more gentle effect on the respiratory center.

The active ingredient of the drug - a mixture of salts of opium alkaloids.

Product form

The product is produced as a solution for oral priemeneniya, subcutaneous administration, tablets and rectal suppositories. Non-prescription Omnopon not released.

Analogs of the drug - Sompon, Domopon, Papaverat, pantopon.

Indications omnopon

Omnopon prescribed to relieve pain of various origins, arising, for example, ischemia, cancers, after injuries or surgeries.

Thanks antispasmodic drug is effective in kidney, bile, intestinal colic.

In some cases, the drug is prescribed with a strong cough because it is peculiar to suppress the excitability of the cough center.

In addition, the drug helps with insomnia, often occurs in patients suffering from severe pain.

Instructions omnopon: how to use

 Omnopon - drug with analgesic effect
 Inside Omnopon take 10-20 mg, administered subcutaneously 1 ml of 1-2%.

Permissible single dose for children is 1-7, 5 mg, for adults - 30 mg.

Side effects omnopon

Omnopon can cause vomiting, urinary retention, constipation, nausea, allergy (because of the intolerance of the active substance).

Serious side effects of medications are respiratory depression and the development of opioid dependence is therefore prohibited to buy without a prescription Omnopon, taking it on their own without a doctor's prescription.

To reduce the risk of side effects may be taking medication together with atropine or other drugs with anticholinergic effects.


Omnopon not take elderly patients, children up to two years, with respiratory failure, general exhaustion (cachexia), traumatic brain injury, hypersensitivity, diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage hemorrhagic stroke during pregnancy.

According to the instructions Omnopon not be prescribed cough cases where respiratory disease is accompanied by a reinforced phlegm - stagnation it may aggravate the disease.

Patients taking Omnopon, recommended during treatment refrain from driving and sports such activities that require quick response.