Omeganol - BAA with anti-sclerotic effect.  Omeganol

Pharmacological action Omeganola

The preparation Omeganol contained omega-3, omega-6, red palm oil Carotenoids, Vitamins E, A, allicin.

Omega-3 warn the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques, blood clots, stabilize the pressure, increase immunity.

Omega-6 to prevent occurrence of arthritis, skin diseases, promote the proper absorption of fats.

Carotenoids are red palm oil - a source of vitamin A, useful for vision, regulating the production of proteins and metabolism, anti-aging, participating in the formation of teeth and bones.

Allicin - is an immunostimulant herbal substances that have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-sclerotic effect, stimulating the metabolism, restores the function of the gastrointestinal tract, prevents the formation of blood clots.

Vitamin E stimulates the regeneration of tissues, improves blood circulation, immune system, increases vascular tone and permeability.

With this composition Omeganol significantly reduces the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis, obliterating diseases of arteries in the legs, angina, heart attack.

Reviews Omeganole confirm that the drug is useful for women taking oral hormonal contraceptives. BAA avoids thrombus formation - one of the most serious side effects of hormonal contraceptives.

For children, a special form of the drug Omeganol Junior. It contains a fish oil, it is a known source of omega-3, omega-6; lecithin, supports the nervous system, stimulates brain activity; vitamins D, E, A; kelp - a valuable source of iodine.

Product form

Omeganol release capsules, gelatin-coated.


Omeganol recommended for prophylaxis and complex treatment of atherosclerosis, ischemia, vascular encephalopathy; appointed to fill the deficiency of vitamins A, E, omega-3, omega-6.

Babies Omeganol prescribed to maintain immunity, stimulating physical, intellectual development.

Instructions Omeganola: how to use

The biologically active supplement, take 6 capsules daily for 10 weeks. Repeat preventive courses desirable once every six months.

People suffering from nicotine addiction, it is recommended to take supplements of 6-12 capsules a day for 3 months.  Junior Omeganol

Babies Omeganol Jr give two capsules a day for 4-8 weeks. Conduct re-prophylactic course only with the permission of the doctor.

side effects

There are reviews Omeganole, cause allergies (redness, rash). Such a reaction is associated with individual intolerance components Bad.

Contraindications Omeganolu

The instructions Omeganola stated that it can not accept children under 14 years of age, during pregnancy, lactation.

Children under 5 years Omeganol Junior contraindicated.