Okulohel - homeopathic medication used in ophthalmology
 Okulohel - homeopathic remedy is used in ophthalmology.

Pharmacological action

The structure includes Okulohelya: Euphrasia officinalis D5 - grass Euphrasia; Cochlearia officinalis D5 - grass horse radish drug; Jaborandi D5 - plant pilocarpus Yaborandi; Echinacea D5 - echinacea.

Euphrasia has anti-inflammatory and astringent. Decoction of the plant parts, traditional medicine recommends to do lotions to relieve inflammation of the eye.

Horse radish drug - a herb known for its antiscorbutic action, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Pilocarpus Yaborandi - the plant, which is reduced by the action of intraocular pressure, the pupil narrows.

Echinacea - means on the basis of this plant are known for their immune stimulating and anti-inflammatory action.

There are reviews Okulohele confirming that the means to quickly and effectively removes eye inflammation, redness, tension and pain in the eyes.

Product form

Okulohel produced in the form of drops to the eye in plastic disposable tubes, droppers capacity 0, 45 ml.

Indications Okulohelya

 Eye drops Okulohel
 According to the instructions Okulohel prescribed for conjunctivitis, increased visual load, eye irritation, photophobia and increased lacrimation.

Instructions Okulohelya: how to use

Drops Okulohel instill 4-8 drops per day in the conjunctival sac, for 10 days. Multiplicity use drops - 4 times a day.

For a single instillation of one or two eyes contents 1 tube-dropper is sufficient. Immediately prior to use dropper opened, throws back his head and, holding the tube vertically, buried medicine.

To instillation 1 tube with drops can be used only 1 time. Used IV is highly recommended to throw, even if it were drops.

side effects

Okulohel, as most homeopathic remedies rarely causes side effects.

There are reviews Okulohele, cause allergies, but this is due to individual sensitivity to its components.

Contraindications Okulohelya

The drug is not prescribed for allergies to its components.

Pregnant and lactating women Okulohel according to the instructions prescribed in rare cases, because the studies on the impact of the drug on the child's health and women in these states was conducted.