Nikofleks ointment
 Nikofleks - anti-inflammatory agent.

Pharmacological action

Nikofleks - is combined with an analgesic agent, a vasodilator, warming, distracting, absorbing and anti-inflammatory action.

The active ingredients of the drug - capsaicin affects the peripheral nerves and thereby anesthetic, hydroxyethyl salicylate, which influences the structure of the epithelium and reduces inflammation, ethyl nicotinate, has absorbing action.

The therapeutic effect Nikofleksa after application develops rapidly and lasts about an hour.

Product form

Produce ointment Nikofleks.

Indications Nikofleksa

Nikofleks instructions for use for the treatment and pain relief in diseases of the joints and muscles: spondyloarthrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, myalgia, sprains, bruises, arthritis, tenosynovitis in remission, sciatica. You can apply an ointment for pain relief in neuralgia, neuritis.

Good reviews of Nikofleks, applicable athletes as an aid to training, for warming up the muscles.


Nikofleks of instructions can not be taken during an acute inflammation, nursing, pregnant women, children up to 6L, hypersensitivity. Be wary prescribers 6-12l children, patients with "aspirin" asthma.

Combine cream with other means of external use is not recommended, it is peculiar to amplify their effect. You also can not handle the ointment damaged skin, mucous membranes, to put it under a hot compress.

Instructions for use Nikofleksa

 Nikofleks - anti-inflammatory agent
 Nikofleks ointment is applied gently rubbing a thin layer. Before applying the ointment patch of skin to be treated is to be cleaned. Before and after applying Nikofleks should wash your hands thoroughly.

Duration of treatment is determined by the doctor Nikofleks individually. In diseases of the musculoskeletal system ointment applied one p / day for 3 days, after which the drug is applied to the two p / day.

Athletes used to warm up the ointment in an amount 1-2gr (3-5cm).

The ointment rubbed usually for 3-4min to light redness of the skin.

Side effects

Reviews Nikofleks mostly positive, only a few cases of intolerance ointment allergy, angioedema.

The normal response is considered to be skin redness, burning and tingling after applying the ointment. So evident onset of therapeutic action means.

No evidence of drug overdose, which led to negative consequences.