Gevkamen - inflammatory ointment
 Gevkamen - an anti-inflammatory drug is plant-based, used for pain in muscles and joints.

Pharmacological action Gevkamena

Gevkamen - a tool to local irritating action, due to its constituent components: oil of eucalyptus and flowers cloves, camphor, menthol (sometimes replaced with peppermint oil). When applied to the skin the drug acts on the nerve endings, providing analgesic and evasive action.

Eucalyptus pure anesthetic, often used for the treatment of burns, wounds, frostbite of the skin.

Clove oil is known for its warming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

Camphor is included in the ointment because of its ability to stimulate blood flow.

Menthol has a mild disinfectant and a local anesthetic effect, cools.

Peppermint oil is also known for its analgesic effect, a beneficial effect on blood vessels.

Excipients Gevkamena paraffin and petrolatum.

Product form

White ointment with a specific smell of essential oils.

Indications ointment Gevkamen

Assign a means to relieve pain associated with myositis, neuralgia (pain in the nerve plexus), arthralgia (joint pain), tendonitis (pain in the tendons).

Good reviews of Gevkamene used in muscle pain, sprains, strains.

Gevkamen effectively relieves itching agent after insect bites.

Instructions Gevkamena: how to use

Distracted and Valium action appears if ointments Gevkamena lubricate the sick areas two or three p / day. The required amount of ointment - 2-3gr.

Apply Gevkamen only externally.  Ointment Gevkamen

side effects

There are reviews of Gevkamene, cause skin irritation after rubbing. In this case, you must give up the use of the drug, to review the appointment.

In addition, there may be numbness, burning, coldness in the ground handling Gevkamenom.

If the skin of burn ointment appeared, you must stop treatment, lubricate the affected area means containing dexpanthenol, for example, Bepantenom.


The instructions Gevkamena stated that to put it on broken skin can not. Do not use the ointment for the treatment of hypersensitivity to make up the oil and other components.

Due to the content of essential oils is considered undesirable use of the ointment for the treatment of children.