Betasalik ointment

Betasalik refers to a number of glucocorticoid drugs (Division of adrenal hormones, have a strong influence on carbohydrate metabolism) local action. The active ingredient of the drug - betametazondipropionat.

Pharmacological action

Betasalik reduces inflammation, helps with allergies and skin ulcers, has antimicrobial activity. The product contains salicylic acid, which has anti-microbial and keratolytic (softening the horny layer of the skin) properties. Salicylic acid promotes easy penetration of the active substance Betasalika in the deeper layers of skin.

Topical application Betasalika provides drug absorption by 12-14%.

Drug accumulates in the liver, excreted in the urine, a small part of the bile.


According to the instructions, the ILC-Betasalik ointment used for such diseases:

- Psoriasis;

- Atopic dermatitis;

- Eczema in the acute and chronic forms;

- Lichen planus;

- Seborrheic dermatitis;

- Dyshydrosis;

- Ichthyosis ichthyotic and destruction;

- Seborrhea hairy scalp;

- Atopic dermatitis in a chronic form.

Instructions for use and dose Betasalika

According to the instructions, Betasalik used topically.

 Betasalik ILC
 Betasalik ointment applied to the affected skin layer with a thin layer 2 times per day. Betasalik-ILC ointment must be carefully rubbed into the skin.

When maintenance therapy is sufficient to cause the drug to the skin once a day.

The treatment was stopped after the disappearance of symptoms: reduce inflammation, itching termination, cleansing the skin. However, it should be noted that the duration of application of ointment Betasalik should not exceed 10 days.

side effects

Application Betasalika-ILC can cause side effects such as itching, burning and dryness of the skin, folliculitis, hypertrichosis, acne, hypopigmentation, perioral and allergic contact dermatitis.

Side effects of the application of the ointment with occlusive dressings Betasalik: maceration, heat rash, skin atrophy, striae, joining a secondary infection.


According to the instructions, Betasalik contraindicated in such diseases:

- Eels;

- Rosacea;

- Tuberculosis of the skin;

- Primary cutaneous viral infections pokrovov4

- Fungal skin lesions;

- Syphilis (cutaneous manifestations);

- Skin reactions after vaccination;

- Hypersensitivity to the Betasalika;

- Pregnancy;

- Lactation.

Pregnancy and lactation

Appointment Betasalika-ILC is possible only in case of excess use of risk and only on doctor. If the drug is still necessary to assign, it is necessary to reduce the dose and duration of treatment.

No data on the use Betasalika during breastfeeding, so when receiving Betasalika during lactation should stop breastfeeding.

additional information

Do not apply ointment Betasalik on damaged skin due to the presence in the formulation of salicylic acid.

The preparation is not used in the ophthalmic practice. Avoid contact with eyes ointment.

Be wary appoint Betasalik children as possible more severe side effects than adults. Children who undergo long-term treatment with topical corticosteroids (hormones of the adrenal cortex) may experience low body weight, Cushing's syndrome, growth retardation, intracranial hypertension (increased blood pressure).