Nutrikap - dietary supplement for improving hair growth.  Nutrikap

Pharmacological action

The structure Nutrikapa includes active components that stimulate hair growth and restore its normal appearance, improves the condition of nails - a vitamin of the B group, ascorbic acid, zinc, silicon, sulfur, amino acids methionine and cystine, beeswax, wheat germ extract, walnut oil .

Included in the funds vitamins stimulate blood circulation and the body's defenses, regulate metabolism, strengthen blood vessels.

Zinc and silicon are responsible for normal bone development and tissue repair. At deficiency of these elements is the growth of hair and nails is not possible.

Zinc is an important element in the composition Nutrikapa also because it is peculiar to exacerbate the effects of B vitamins, and additional valuable properties of silicon - is to strengthen the blood vessels and increase the elasticity of their walls.

Sulphur - a trace mineral that is often included in the composition for the treatment of diseases of the skin, it stimulates metabolism, supports the nervous system.

Methionine prevents the leaching of calcium from the bones, helps to remove toxins, restore damaged tissue.

Cystine also promotes healing of damaged tissue, it possesses anti-inflammatory action.

The next component Nutrikapa - natural beeswax, which has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing action.

Wheat germ as an independent means of commonly prescribed debilitated patients, as They stimulate the immune system, reduced forces and metabolism, purified body.

Walnut oil has anti-inflammatory, anticancer, regenerating, toning effect.

Thus, Nutrikap stops hair loss, accelerates their renewal, restores the structure and significantly improves their appearance; It stimulates the growth of nails, strengthens them; improves overall mental and physical well-being, increases its immunity; It accelerates the healing of fractures.

There are reviews of Nutrikape confirming that after passing the course of regular preventive dental health improves, the bones become less fragile.

Product form

Nutrikap release capsules.

Indications Nutrikapa

Complex Nutrikap recommend taking to treat hair that are cut, drop, or loss of natural healthy glow, as well as to strengthen brittle nails.

It is also desirable to take Nutrikap regularly once a year prophylactically to prevent the problem described above.  Dosage form Nutrikapa - Capsules

Instructions Nutrikapa: how to use

The therapeutic and prophylactic purposes it is recommended to take the pills Nutrikap two pieces a day.

Take Nutrikap two months, it is desirable not to interrupt taking the drug for more than a week.

To conduct such two-month course can be three or four times a year.

Reviews Nutrikape characterize the drug as a highly effective: even during the treatment of the hair starts to shine, stop falling out, your nails become stronger.

Side effects

You may experience an allergic reaction to Nutrikap.


Do not take dietary supplement Nutrikap if there is intolerance to at least one of its components.

The instructions Nutrikapa indicated that pregnant women, nursing women, adolescents up to 15 years before starting an installation, consult a doctor.