Thoracic collection

 Thoracic collection of 50 g

Collection of plants that help in diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

The pharmacological action of breast-collection

Thoracic collection has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, bronchodilator action (dilates the bronchi and relaxes their muscles).

Producing different composition nursing fees - fees №1, №2, №3, №4.

Gathering under the №1 includes herb oregano leaves his mother and stepmother, marshmallow root.

Oregano has expectorant and sedative effect; marshmallow and mother-and-stepmother - inflammatory, expectorant action;

The collection includes №2 plantain leaves mother and stepmother, licorice root.

Plantain is known for its anti-inflammatory effects; Licorice soothes the throat with cough, relieves inflammation.

The collection №3 entered the fruit and marshmallow root, anise, pine buds, leaves, medicinal sage.

Anis has disinfectant properties, it helps to expectorate phlegm; pine buds and disinfect and reduce inflammation; Sage has anti-inflammatory action.

The composition of breast №4 collection includes shoots of wild rosemary, chamomile, mint, grass violet, marigold flowers, licorice root.

Ledum has expectorant action; daisy - inflammatory; Mint - a sedative; grass violets - inflammatory and sedative effect; Calendula - inflammatory effect.

The use of breast-collection helps reduce inflammation in the bronchial tree and thinning phlegm during coughing greatly facilitates its removal.

Product form

Charges produced in cardboard packets and filter bags for easy brewing.

Indications of breast collection

Charges №№1-4 effective for chronic, acute, obstructive bronchitis, tracheitis, asthma, laryngitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, traheobronhite, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, influenza and other diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, accompanied by a wet cough, sputum appearance.

Manual breast-collection: how to use

Take fees from coughing as decoctions.

To prepare the broth from the thoracic fees №№1, 2 take one tablespoon of herbs, pour 200 ml of cold water, heated for 15 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of pushing. Before use, the broth is filtered, boiled water is adjusted to the original volume (200 ml).

Grass of fees №№ 3, 4 and prepare, but take 2 tablespoons raw pour boiling water, not cold water.

Decoction of fees №№1, 2 are hot 3-4 times a day - only 1, 5-2 cups. Infusions of fees №№3, 4 take 3 times a day, as hot, 1/3 cup. The treatment lasts 2-3 weeks.

Preparing decoctions for children as well as adults, but grass taking half.

Side effects of breast-collection

Herbs included in the fees if you are hypersensitive can cause hives, rashes, itching of the skin, swelling and other allergic reactions.

More serious side effects caused by the reception fees is not fixed. In case of overdose may cause symptoms of poisoning, so take broths should be strictly according to instructions. Especially dangerous overdose of wild rosemary, which became part of the collection №4, because plant is considered poisonous.

 Thoracic collection filter bags


Nursing fees at the instructions can not be used in the presence of allergy to their constituents, and in combination with drugs that suppress the cough reflex, and is used to treat dry cough: Terpinkod, stoptussinom, Codelac, sinekodom, libeksin. Last contraindication due to the fact that, while the use of different means of action of the patient's condition may worsen due to the resulting stagnation of phlegm. It allowed only the combination treatment, in which the daytime to drink a decoction of herbal teas, and at night, to worry less cough, drink above drugs.

Special attention should be paid to the possibility of using the collection of breast during pregnancy. Despite the natural composition, collection №1 absolutely contraindicated, because it includes oregano, which can cause uterine bleeding. The most frequently prescribed during pregnancy for breast collection №4 - when used correctly it is considered the safest for the woman and the fetus, but without a doctor's advice to take charge is still not recommended. In any case, as an alternative treatment to take better mukaltin that is not contraindicated in pregnancy, and the collection to use as a last resort if mukaltin or simple folk remedies (for example, milk and soda) will not give result.