Novocaine 5 - Injection
 Novocaine - Medicines used for local anesthesia. Included in the list of the most important medicines.

Pharmacological action

The drug has mild anesthetic effect, reduces the excitability of the motor areas of the brain infarction, eliminates spasms of smooth muscle.

When administered intravenously, the drug lowers blood pressure, has antiarrhythmic effect, removes from the shock.

In high doses may interfere with the use of Novocain conduction and muscle cramping.

Intramuscular Novocaine effective for elderly patients for diseases associated with disorders of the nervous system.

Form release Novocain

Producing solution rectal suppositories, ointment Novokain5 10%.

Indications for use Novocain

Novocaine for instructions prescribed for infiltration, epidural wires, spinal terminal, retrobulbar anesthesia, perirenal and neck vagosympathetic blockade.

Candles Novocain used for hemorrhoids, anal fissures.

Novokain5 Ointment, 10% is effective in itching dermatoses, eczema, atopic dermatitis.

Instructions for use Novocain

To carry out infiltration anesthesia administered 0, 25-0, 5% rastvor- 350-600mg. To carry out a tight creeping infiltration method Vishnevsky administered 0, 125-0, 25% solution, used for the conductive anesthesia 1-2% solution - is administered to 25ml.

To perform epidural anesthesia is administered in an amount of drug 20-25ml - 2% solution, for spinal anesthesia administered Novocaine solution of 5% - 2 or 3 ml.

In otolaryngology at the instructions Novocain for local anesthesia is administered 10-20% solution.

To enhance the action of the substance and reduce its absorption, with local anesthesia to novocaine added 0, 1% solution of epinephrine hydrochloride - one drop per 2-5-10ml drug.

For electrophoresis using a 10% solution of novocaine.

To carry out the blockade on Vishnevsky in perirenal fat 50-80ml should be administered 0, 5% or 100-150ml 0, 25% solution.

For carrying vagosympathetic blockade administered to 100ml 0, 25% solution.

Novocaine children, despite the contraindications, often prescribed for pain relief with the introduction of other drugs. At the same time children are allowed to Novocaine administered in a dosage not more than 15mg / kg body weight of the child.

 Novocaine candles
 Rectal suppositories are administered after Novocaine prior bowel cleansing naturally or with the help of an enema - 1-2r / day.

Ointment Novocaine 5, 10% is used in skin diseases - cause it 1-2r / day to the affected skin.

side effects

After applying Novocain may appear headache, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness, tremors, nystagmus, seizures, paresthesias, paralysis of the legs and respiratory muscles, respiratory paralysis, decreased or increased pressure, collapse, arrhythmia, sore sternum, bradycardia, involuntary urination and defecation, vomiting, skin rash, hypothermia, impotence.

In case of overdose means pale skin and mucous membranes, appear nausea, dizziness, vomiting, tachycardia, apnea, seizures, hallucinations, motor excitation, rapid breathing. Eliminates the effects of an overdose of intravenous administration of drugs for general anesthesia with a short action, maintaining a normal ventilation using oxygen inhalation. In severe intoxication, symptomatic treatment and detoxification.

When applying the ointment Novocaine 5 to 10% may develop local allergic reaction.

Contraindications to the use Novocain

When anesthesia method of creeping infiltrate a contraindication to the use of Novocain is the presence of fibrotic tissue changes; during subarachnoid anesthesia - bleeding, hypotension, state of shock, septicemia.

According to the instructions Novocaine used with caution in operations in patients with acute blood loss, renal failure, in the states, which are accompanied by a decrease in blood supply to the liver, the progression of cardiovascular disease and inflammatory diseases, infection at the injection site.

Novocaine for children up to 18L, 65l after elderly patients, debilitated and seriously ill patients during labor as prescribed under close medical supervision.

The risk of bleeding is increased by the discovery of the drug combined with anticoagulants - heparin, enoxaparin, dalteparin, ardeparinom, warfarin, danaparoid.

Bradycardia, and low blood pressure are observed due to the simultaneous use of Novocain with guanethidine, guanadrel, mecamylamine, trimetafanom.

Significantly reduces the pressure selegiline, procarbazine, furazolidone when combined with a solution of novocaine.

Local anesthetic effect of the drug is increased phenylephrine, methoxamine, epinephrine.