Norvasc (international non-proprietary name - amlodipine) relates to calcium antagonists (alternative name pharmacological group - a calcium channel blocker) and is widely used in the cardiological practice.  Norvasc

Product form

Norvasc is available in the form of tablets containing amlodipine 5 mg or 10 mg (calculated as pure substance, since the tablet contains amlodipine besylate) and 14 and 30 tablets in secondary cardboard packaging, which must be embedded instructions for Norvasc (other words - a reminder to the patient).

Norvasc is made one of the largest and most respected pharmaceutical companies in the world: it is the German "Pfizer" immortalized his name infamous Viagra.

Analogs Norvasc

Mortality from cardiovascular disease has been steadily increasing, and the growing number of drugs designed to combat this scourge. It is not surprising that the analogues of Norvasc can assemble a chemist shop window.

That's not all of Norvasc analogues present in domestic pharmacies:

  • Amlodipine (under such trade name produced in Russia, Serbia, Belarus);
  • Amlodifarm, Amlodigamma, Amlotop, Cordy Cor (Russia);
  • Amlodipine-Chaykafarma, Amlonorm (Bulgaria);
  • Amlodipine-Sandoz (Slovenia);
  • Amlong, Kalchek, Amlovas, Amlo, Stamlo (India);
  • Co-Exforge (Switzerland);
  • Karmagil (China);
  • Cardilopin (Hungary);
  • Tenoks (Slovenia).

As can be seen, remember at least a fraction of analogues Norvasc is very problematic. It is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the constantly synthesized new cardiac drugs that require physicians to continuously improve their knowledge.

Pharmacological action

Amlodipine blocks so-called "slow" calcium channels (in the medical literature they still represent English letter «L»), thereby reducing the smooth muscle tone of the blood vessel wall. This is crucial in the prevention of myocardial ischemia. For what is ischemia? The narrowing of the lumen of the vessel to the point where the blood can no longer fully nourish the heart muscle, which will inevitably lead to gangrene area of ​​the heart - heart attack. If the coronary vessels relax and nearby, their clearance is increased and reduced ischemic risk. Additionally, amlodipine (read: Norvasc) reduces the need heart of oxygen and nutrients, as vasodilation reduces the load on the heart.

In the opinion of this drug Norvasc reduces the pressure of the patient in the sitting position, and in the supine position, and a slow start to his actions does not allow release of pressure.

Indications Norvasc

According to the instructions for Norvasc and reviews about it, this drug should be used with the following diagnoses:

  • hypertensive heart disease (Norvasc may be used as a "solo" and in various combinations);
  • stable angina (which developed a long time and do not progress with time);
  • vasospastic angina (develops in the spasms of the coronary vessels).

Instructions for Norvasc on application

Norvasc for instructions should be taken once a day, regardless of the meal. To wash down a pill with water better.

The initial dose of Norvasc - 5 mg, the maximum - 10 mg. Graduations in the dose for the elderly and other age category.

Based on a review of Norvasc, can with some confidence say, the drug does not worsen the condition of persons suffering from kidney and liver failure.  Amlodipine - analogue of Norvasc


According to the reviews of Norvasc, which were recorded by clinical pharmacologists, for the preparation identified the following contraindications:

  • Standard contraindication for most drugs - idiosyncrasy, and not only of amlodipine and other dihydropyridine derivatives;
  • a significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure.

There are a number of indications in which Norvasc taken with extreme caution. This liver failure (despite the above mentioned lack of negative reviews), heart failure (only in cases when it is not caused by ischemia), narrowing of the aortic orifice, and acute myocardial postinfarction condition, age of 18 years.

Regarding receiving Norvasc during pregnancy can only say one thing: it is permitted to do at your own risk, since the drug's safety in such situations has not been evaluated. The same can be noted in respect of the period of breastfeeding.

side effect

The instructions to the Norvasc is a fairly wide range of adverse reactions, but should be aware of how they are made there even if there was one such case, it is logged and can be included in the instructions. Here you will be given a relatively common side effects occurring in more than 1% of cases:

  • Local swelling of legs and feet;
  • tachycardia;
  • facial flushing;
  • fatigue, weakness, dizziness;
  • gastrointestinal pain.

In a review of Norvasc it has been a number of cases of drug overdose. It is characterized by a significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure developing on this background compensatory tachycardia. From overdose dispose follows: it is necessary to take activated charcoal, gastric lavage, to take such a posture in which the limbs are above him. Perhaps the use of vasopressors.


Norvasc is released from pharmacies by prescription.

As already mentioned, in the treatment of hypertension Norvasc often combined with other drugs. Among them, thiazide diuretics (Dihlotiazid, indapamide), beta-blockers (metoprolol, propranolol, Inderal), ACE inhibitors (enalapril, captopril), long-acting nitrates (Nitrosorbid, Sustac Forte), nitroglycerin (under the tongue). Norvasc for angina can be used as a "solo", and in combination with antianginal drugs.

In certain cases, the dosage can be reduced Norvasc:

  • if the patient is present "underweight" or small it is growth;
  • if there are clear violations of liver function.

Instructions for Norvasc storage

Keep Norvasc possible at temperatures up to 30 ° C out of reach for the youngest family members. Shelf life - 5 years.