Norgalaks - laxative medication.

Structure and Composition

 Norgalaks - laxative
 The drug is manufactured as rectal gel in tubes of 10 g in one tube contains the active ingredient - sodium docusate 0, '12

Pharmacological action

Norgalaks belongs to the group of laxatives drugs. It consists of an anionic surfactant - sodium docusate. Application Norgalaksa in the large intestine reduces the surface tension of the liquid, softens the stool and facilitates their advancement through the intestines. The act of defecation occurs within 5-20 minutes after application Norgalaksa.

In the opinion of Norgalaks it acts locally and is almost absorbed into the bloodstream.


According to the instructions Norgalaks prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of patients suffering from frequent constipation, requiring the use of an enema.

Also according to the instructions Norgalaks used to prepare patients for different diagnostic procedures (endoscopic examination of the rectum and others.). Allowed to use Norgalaksa before birth and during pregnancy.

Dosing Norgalaksa

According to the instructions Norgalaks for rectal administration.

Before starting the application wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean the anal area. Norgalaks using tube-cannula inserted into the rectum. Before the introduction is necessary to remove the protective cap, a thin part of the tube-cannula gently enter into the anus and push the tube, the contents fall into the rectum.

After that, the tube-cannula must be carefully removed from the anus. If necessary, the tip of the tube can be lubricated before applying the gel.

The duration of treatment and the dosage determines the individual physician.

Adults who happen periodic constipation Norgalaks prescribed according to the instructions in the form of a single-use tubes.

Norgalaks before birth or before the diagnostic operations take one dose in 5-20 minutes prior to the act of defecation.

It is not recommended to apply more than one dose per day. If the application Norgalaksa not cause the desired effect should appear doctor to review treatment strategies.

Contraindications Norgalaksa

According to the instructions Norgalaks is contraindicated in:

  • ulcerative colitis;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • anal bleeding;
  • rectal fissures and hemorrhoids;
  • inflammatory bowel disease;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Do not prescribe the drug to patients under the age of 15 years due to lack of feedback on Norgalakse about its safety for this age group.  Dosage form Norgalaksa - rectal gel

side effects

In the opinion of Norgalaks generally well tolerated by patients. In some cases, these side effects were observed:

  • Gastrointestinal tract: violation stool, digestive disorders. In the opinion of Norgalaks long-term use can cause the development of rectal bleeding, burning sensation and pain in the anus and stagnant proctitis.
  • Allergic reactions: urticaria, skin rash, itching.

Prolonged use of Norgalaksa reviews can cause lack of potassium in the gut.

In case of accidental oral administration of the drug the patient may develop gepatoksicheskoe action docusate.

Use during pregnancy Norgalaksa

Norgalaks during pregnancy does not have teratogenic and embryotoxic action. Assign Norgalaks during pregnancy if the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.

The drug is used during lactation only after consulting with your doctor.

Conditions and terms

It is recommended that the drug be stored in a dry, dark and cool place for no longer than three years.