Noofen - a means of stimulating the nervous system.

Pharmacological action

Noofen - it stimulates mental, physical activity, improves memory.

Application Noofen eliminates the feeling of fear and anxiety, emotional stress, irritability, helps build a dream.

In patients suffering from asthenia and those who are emotionally labile, from the first days of Noofen marked improvement: there is initiative and interest, the desire to engage in vigorous activity. It is noted that the drug has no excitation or sedation.

In addition, there are reviews of Noofene, that it eliminates heaviness in the head, relieves headache.

In patients undergoing head injury after applying Noofen marked improvement in bioenergetic processes in the brain.

Product form

Noofen release tablets.

Indications Noofen

Noofen of instruction prescribed for fatigue, neurosis, to eliminate anxiety and neurotic states, the treatment of psychopathy, sleep disorders in the elderly, pathological menopause, Meniere's disease, disorders of the vestibular apparatus, degenerative disc disease in women (in the complex therapy), and traumatic brain injuries , cognitive disorders, memory.

Noofen allowed to use for children, for the treatment of nervous disorders and related ticks stuttering incontinence  Tablets Noofen

Good reviews of Noofene used to treat alcoholism and abstinence.


The drug is not prescribed for acute renal failure, phenylketonuria, pregnancy, lactation, in case of hypersensitivity to the facility.

Be wary appoint Noofen gastrointestinal pathologies - the drug is irritating.

Instructions for use Noofen

Noofen instructions for adults appoint take 3p / day for 0, 25-0, 5 gr. The maximum allowable dosage - 0, 75g at a time, for patients after 60l - 0, 5g.

Noofen prescribed for children by age: 3-4g give children of 0, 1 g two p / day; children 5-6L - 0 1g two or three rows / day; children 7-10l - 0, 1 g three or four p / day; children 11-14l - 0 2r two or three rows / day. Noofen children over 14L drug can be given as well as adults.

The maximum allowable single dosage for children Noofen 3-6l - 0, 1g; Children 7-10l - 0, 2 g; children 11-14l - 0, 3 g.

When combined with other Noofen psychotropic drugs its dosage should be reduced.

For the treatment of alcoholism, drug withdrawal state are taking the day to 0, 25-0, 3 g of the drug three p / day and 0, 75g for the night. After several days of therapy, the patient can be transferred to the standard dosage.

To remove or reduce the vertigo of Meniere's syndrome when, otogennyh mazes and other disorders of the vestibular apparatus Noofen take on 0, 75g three p / night for a week and then move on to a three-time pills at 0, 25-0, 5 g. Therapy lasts for another week, after which the drug take one p / day for 0, 25 g for five days. If the disease is mild, you can apply a therapeutic scheme: take 0, 25g two p / day for 7d., After 0, 25g one p / day for 7-10dn.

In cases where vestibular pathology caused by trauma or vascular disorders, Noofen appointed to take 3p / day for 0, 25 g for 12d.

Good reviews of Noofene, its application in the maritime or air sickness. To prevent their manifestation in an hour before the trip should take 0, 25-0, 5 g of the drug. It should be noted that if sea or air sickness appeared, started vomiting and profuse salivation, use Noofen ineffective.

For the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical or thoracic women and pathological menopause Noofen prescribed to take a daily dose of 0, 75g, which is divided into three stages. The treatment lasts for two weeks, and then move to twice-reception means of 0, 5 g / day. This amount Noofen take another two weeks. If pain is weak, the drug can be taken at 0, 5 g / day in two divided doses.

Side effects

After the drug is sometimes nausea, drowsiness, especially at the beginning of treatment. In most cases, these symptoms disappear on their own.

Prolonged use at a dose of 7-14g Noofen may cause hepatotoxicity.

If overdose observed nausea, renal failure, hypotension, vomiting, drowsiness. If these symptoms arise activated charcoal, washed stomach.