Nittifor cream
 Nittifor - antiparasitic agent.

Pharmacological action

Nittifor has insecticidal activity is active against the larvae and adults of the pubic, lice, mites, fleas, maggots and other arthropod pests of the family living in the human body surface.

Judging by the reviews of Nittifor, after a single treatment of the affected areas lice effect of the drug is maintained 2-6ned. In case of defeat scabies parasites die completely after one treatment

Active substance means - permethrin, which is of low toxicity to humans.

Product form

Producing Nittifor cream and a solution for external machining.

Analogs of the drug - Pedilin, Medifoks, Nix.


Nittifor of instructions used for pediculosis capitis, gnidonositelstve, pubic lice, scabies.

Instructions for use Nittifora

For hair treatment Nittifor applied with a cotton swab, carefully rubbing agent in the roots. Dosage facilities for one person - 10-60ml. More precise dosage depends on the length, thickness of hair. After applying Nittifora on the head, it is recommended to wear a headscarf, and still hold the drug 40min. Wash it with shampoo or soap can then parasites combed out of the hair comb. Reprocessing means shown in the case through 7d hair still living parasites are detected.

If there is a possibility of reinfection of man in the team, it is recommended to Nittifor hair does not wash - it retains its activity for another two weeks after treatment, does not breed again came to the hair lice.

Cream Nittifor scabies rubbed into the skin for children and adults - from head to feet. Children of compulsory treatment shall be the scalp, temples and forehead.

The dosage for an adult - 30g.

 Nittifor solution
 On hair cream Nittifor left on 8-14ch then wash. If after treatment the itch was still observed after two weeks agent is applied repeatedly.

Bottle solution wherein 24ml means designed for three days of treatment. On the bottle there is a special marking by which 8ml of the solution prior to application is mixed with 100ml boiled water. Emulsion is applied to a night p / day, rubbing the skin on the hands, body and legs. You can not handle the emulsion Nittifor neck, hairy scalp, face. Only after a three-day course of the patient is allowed to take a bath, bed, underwear.

Side effects

Reviews Nittifor mostly good, it rarely causes side effects.

Only in a few cases, there are redness of the scalp, itching and irritation, angioedema, urticaria.

Data on drug overdose not.


Nittifor of instructions can not be used for acute inflammation of the scalp, hypersensitivity to an agent.

Nittifor solution is contraindicated in children up to 3 liters of cream - children up to 2n.

Nittifor not be used during lactation, during pregnancy, also it can not be used as a preventive measure in people not infected with parasites.