Nitrofungin - remedy against the fungus.

Pharmacological action

Nitrofungin antiseptic, disinfectant action, it inhibits the growth of yeasts, bacteria, pathogens Trichophyton, tinea.

Active substance means - hlornitrofenol

Product form

Nitrofungin produce a 1% alcohol solution for external machining. Another common name for the drug trade - Nitrofungin Neo.

Indications Nitrofungina

Nitrofungin of instructions can be used with such skin lesions fungal character trichophytosis, candida, jock itch, athlete's foot, a fungal eczema.

You can dig into the ear Nitrofungin - fungal diseases of the external ear canal.

Instructions for use Nitrofungina

For treatment of skin fungal infections of the skin was treated with a solution of two or three rows / day until the disappearance of the manifestations of the fungus.

Most of the positive reviews of Nitrofungine indicate that it is most effective, if after treatment for the prevention of mold still 4-6ned. continue to handle weapons area 2-3 p / wk.

Nitrofungin Neo can also be used for prevention: for four weeks 1-2r / wk.

Nitrofungin dig into the ear appoint three drops three p / day.

Typically, the treatment solution is used in pure form, but if the skin irritation appears, it should be diluted with water 1: 1.

 Neo Nitrofungin
 Relieving the condition observed even three days after initiation of therapy, if the therapeutic effect at the end of this time there should be revised approach to the treatment of the fungus.

side effects

Judging by the reviews Nitrofungin can provoke adverse reactions of local character - allergic reactions, irritation, dryness of the skin due to the intolerance of drugs or high concentration of the solution.

In case of contact with agents inside can appear nausea, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, agitation, depression, acidosis, hemolysis, cyanosis. Urine is in this case a green color. For internal use hlornitrofenola shown gastric lavage solution with vegetable oil, activated charcoal method.

Contraindications Nitrofungina

It is impossible to continue treatment means if detected hypersensitivity to it, and dilution water does not alleviate the condition.

Nitrofungin of instruction is contraindicated during pregnancy. Breastfeeding women have to see a doctor for advice, except means of instillation into the ear, the question of termination of breastfeeding.

Lots of skin treated with the means can not be exposed to UV rays - increased sensitivity of the skin and the chance of developing photodermatitis.