Nimesulide tablets
 Nimesulide - anti-inflammatory agent.

Pharmacological action

Nimesulide - inflammatory drugs in the class sulfonanilides, has analgesic and anti-oxidant effect, which removes the heat.

The analgesic effect of the drug develops within 20 minutes after application, so it can be used to relieve sudden pain attacks.

Product form

Nimesulide release tablet, powder, suspension and gel.

Indications for use of nimesulide

Nimesulide under the instruction prescribed for osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, bursitis, Podarge, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tenosynovitis, tendinitis.

The use of nimesulide was also shown to eliminate the pain associated with gynecological diseases, after operations, injuries, for fever infections accompanied by inflammation.

Dosing Nimesulide

Nimesulide tablets take two p / night for one thing (100mg), after a meal. To prepare the oral solution 100 mg powder charge. Take the solution or suspension ready and two p / day.

Babies 12l after drug given in two doses based 5mg / kg body weight.

Permissible dosing equipment - 400 mg / day. Duration of treatment is determined individually nimesulide. When conducting long-term therapy should be monitored in function of the liver and kidneys.

 Nimesulide Gel
 Nimesulide Gel applied topically. For this 3cm gel applied to the skin and easily rubbed. Multiplicity of application of the gel - no more than 4 p / day. Bandage the treated area of ​​skin the drug is not recommended.

side effects

Judging by the reviews Nimesulide is well tolerated, only in rare cases, adverse reactions occur in the form of dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, headache, vomiting, heartburn, oliguria, rash, gastralgia, haematuria, urticaria.

Also instructions Nimesulide indicated that it may be anemia, agranulocytosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia.

Because of Nimesulide Gel may appear erythema, itching, irritation and flaking, can change color.

Typically, when a side effect of the drug overturned.

In case of overdose occur abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, lethargy reactions, impaired memory, loss of consciousness, convulsions, disorientation, pappilyarny necrosis, nephritis, hepatitis, yellow sclera.

To eliminate the poisoning carried out by standard symptomatic treatment. Diuresis, dialysis, hemoperfusion considered ineffective.


Nimesulide is contraindicated in children under the instruction to 12l, patients with ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, "aspirin asthma", kidney, liver, heart failure, with high blood pressure, nursing, pregnant women.

Under the mandatory surveillance shows the use of nimesulide in the presence of allergy to its active ingredient or any other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.

During treatment with nimesulide should be aware that when combined with antiplatelet agents and anticoagulants increases the risk of bleeding opening. It is also found that the drug increases the level of lithium in the blood.

There are reviews of Nimesulide, that it affects the speed of psychomotor reactions, so during treatment means to abstain from transport management and other complex and potentially dangerous machinery.