Nigepan - analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents used in proctology.


Pharmacological action

Nigepan is a combined tool, because it consists of benzocaine and heparin.

Benzocaine - a local anesthetic and heparin is an anticoagulant - a substance that prevents blood clotting and an increased formation of blood clots. Also it found that heparin has additional regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Product form

Nigepan produced in the form of rectal suppositories. Sold by prescription only medicine.


According to the instructions Nigepan used for hemorrhoids, particularly thrombosis internal or external hemorrhoids.

Good reviews of Nigepane confirm that the drug is effective for the prevention of thrombosis hemorrhoids and to reduce the size and growth suppression have appeared clots.

Instructions Nigepana: how to use

Candles Nigepan used twice a day - is introduced into the anus of a candle in the morning and in the evening, at regular intervals.

Treating thrombosis lasts 10-14 days. Patients undergoing treatment with confirmed that the maximum effect for the development Nigepana requires no more than two weeks.  Dosage form Nigepana - rectal suppositories

Side effects

No reviews on Nigepane that would cause serious side effects. Sometimes patients are hypersensitive to benzocaine or heparin faced with an allergic reaction to the drug.

Data on overdose of active ingredients in the wrong spark Nigepan their use is not fixed.

Contraindications Nigepana

Candles Nigepan not prescribed for hypersensitive to their active ingredients.

Pregnant and lactating women drug is prescribed rarely because they do not set the security in prescribing these states.

There is no evidence that the candle in combination with other drugs have a negative impact on the patient.