Nicorette patch
 Nicorette - a drug for the treatment of tobacco dependence.

Pharmacological action

The product contains nicotine, and so it is used for replacement therapy to get rid of nicotine addiction.

Application Nicorette helps reduce craving for tobacco, while noting that nicotine enters the body with the drug carries less harm than the smoking of cigarettes.

Judging by the reviews, Nicorette lets you avoid weight gain, which is usually accompanied by nicotine withdrawal.

Product form

Producing Nicorette patch, inhaler and gum Nicorette.

Indications Nicorette

Nicorette take to reduce the craving for tobacco. The greatest effect, judging by the reviews of Nicorette, can only be achieved at a high personal motivation to get rid of nicotine addiction.

Nicorette according to the instructions shown in the case of a categorical refusal by the smoker treatment. In these cases, the agent is used to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed a day.

Also, the drug helps in cases where the patient is at the time tobacco refuse - it facilitates the manifestation of withdrawal syndrome.


Nicorette according to the instructions can not be used if you are hypersensitive.

With care prescribe a remedy for those who suffered a stroke, heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty, angina pectoris, arrhythmias, uncontrolled hypertension, moderate and severe liver disease, kidney, gastrointestinal tract.

The question of the use of funds by pregnant women decided individually.

Instructions for use Nicorette

Treatment of nicotine dependence is better to start with the use of chewing gum Nicorette. Acceptable daily dosage - 8-12 of 2mg chewing gum.

In severe nicotine dependence when smoked more than twenty cigarettes a day, it is recommended to use chewing gum 4mg.

 Chewing gum Nicorette
 The day can not drink more than 24 chewing gums.

Use chewing gum should not be less than three months. The instructions Nicorette stated that after a month and a half the number of cigarettes smoked daily significantly reduced. If there is no improvement, it is recommended to change the approach to treatment. Complete rejection of cigarettes is only possible in the case of moral readiness of the patient and not before six months after starting treatment Nicorette.

If after 9 months of therapeutic effect has not occurred, and the patient continues to smoke should also change approach to treatment.

Judging by the reviews of Nicorette, in most cases, pathological craving for nicotine disappears only one year of application tools.

For treatment, you can use Nicorette Inhaler. He, like chewing gum is used when there is a desire to smoke. Do not use more than twelve Nicorette inhaler cartridges per day. More precise dosage is adjusted individually and used Nicorette inhaler for 6-12ned then gradually reduce the dose of nicotine.

Treatment of nicotine dependence using Nicorette patch lasts less than three months but not more than six months. The treatment begins with the application of 15mg patch, which is applied every morning and removed at night. Gradually move on to prescription patches and Nicorette 10mg 5mg.

side effects

Often the deterioration of health by using Nicorette is not the drug itself, and nicotine withdrawal. There may be nausea, weakness, dizziness.

In some cases, the use of agents causing tachycardia, hiccups, indigestion, arrhythmia, ulcers on the mucosa of the mouth and throat, allergic reactions.