Neyromultivit - a drug used to treat diseases of the nervous system
 Neyromultivit - pharmacological preparation on the basis of B vitamins used in the complex treatment of diseases of the nervous system.

Structure and Composition

Neyromultivit available in tablets, film-coated. Each tablet contains 100 mg of vitamin B 1 200 mg of vitamin B 6   and 0, 20 mg of vitamin B 12 And excipients (microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, povidone, titanium dioxide, talc, methylhydroxypropylcellulose).

In a cardboard box with a plastic blister pack of 20 tablets Neyromultivita.

Pharmacological action Neyromultivita

According to the instructions Neyromultivit stimulates the metabolism of the nervous system, improves the regenerative processes of the nervous tissue and also has some analgesic effect.

Features of influence of the drug due to its components.

Vitamin B 1 (Thiamine) in the body is transformed into kokarboksilazu that participates in many metabolic processes as a coenzyme. Thiamine plays a big role in the protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses in the synapses (nerve endings).

Vitamin B 6   (Pyridoxine) is also involved in many metabolic processes as a coenzyme, it is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Pyridoxine is involved in the formation of many neurotransmitters (such as norepinephrine, dopamine, histamine, etc.).

Vitamin B 12   (Cyanocobalamin) plays an important role in hematopoiesis and the formation of red blood cells, and is involved in many metabolic processes in the body - the synthesis of nucleic acids, phospholipids and cerebrosides. Cyanocobalamin as a coenzyme necessary for the processes of cell growth and division.


 Neyromultivit tablets
 According to the instructions Neyromultivit recommended in treatment of diseases of the nervous system such as:

  • diabetic neuropathy;
  • Alcoholic polyneuropathy;
  • neuralgia, neuritis of various localization;
  • degenerative diseases of the spine with radicular syndrome;
  • lumbago, sciatica;
  • plexitis;
  • trigeminal neuralgia;
  • intercostal neuralgia.

Contraindications Neyromultivita

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

No significant clinical trials of Neyromultivita in pregnant and lactating women have not been conducted. Therefore, this drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosing and Administration Neyromultivita

According to the instructions Neyromultivit taken orally after a meal, not chewing and drinking water.

It is recommended to take the drug and 1 tablet 1-3 times a day.

The duration of treatment is determined by physician individually (usually 2-4 weeks). In the opinion of Neyromultivit it has an effect after 1-2 weeks after taking the drug.

Side effect

In the opinion of Neyromultivit well tolerated and rarely causes side effects. In a few cases it was noted nausea, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), itching and rashes.

Special instructions for use Neyromultivita

Do not take this medicine in large doses over 4 weeks.

Interaction with other drugs

According to the instructions Neyromultivit reduces the effectiveness of anti-drug (levodopa).

Note that the ethanol alcohol intake dramatically affects the absorption of thiamine (vitamin B 1 ).

Not recommended during use Neyromultivita take other vitamin complexes, which also contain B vitamins

Analogs Neyromultivita

Neyromultivita analogues are many vitamin complexes that contain in its composition B vitamins

These drugs include: Angiovit, peak, Sana-Sol, Viabeks, Revit, Vitatsitrol, Neyrogamma, Milgamma, Milgamma kompozitum, Combilipen, Kaltsevita, Yunigamma, Neyrotrat forte. Before replacing analogue Neyromultivita should consult a doctor.