Neurostabil tablets
 Neurostabil - phytopreparation a sedating effect.

Pharmacological action

Neurostabil sedative and restorative action thanks to its member herbs: Cyprus, peony, oregano, hops and motherwort. In addition, the phytocomplex further included vitamins C, B, PP, glutamic acid, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and the drug eliminating seizures tend to stabilize the blood pressure, to increase the elasticity and strength of blood vessels, to restore the transmission of nerve impulses, the metabolism in the brain tissue, the processes of excitation and inhibition, to stabilize the human emotional status, increase its resistance to stress.

Neurostabil improves skin and hair, accelerates the healing of tissues and mucous membranes, stabilizes bowel.

Reviews Neyrostabile from taking his patients indicate that before the end of a prophylactic or therapeutic drug course restorative sleep, leaving a feeling of fear and anxiety, increases mental and physical performance, improves mood, memory and attention.

Product form

Neurostabil release tablets.

Indications Neurostabil

 Neurostabil - a drug has a sedative effect
 According to the instructions Neurostabil prescribed under stress, in hysteria, hypochondria, depression, various neuroses, increased reflex or nervous excitability, hypertension, migraine, vascular dystonia, premenstrual syndrome and during menopause.

Good reviews of Neyrostabile used as vitamin food supplements in intestinal atonia, poor digestion, diseases of the pancreas, gall bladder, stomach, liver, food or drug allergies.

Often appoint Neurostabil patients with cancer pathology and endocrine disorders, women with fibroid or mastopathy.

Instructions Neurostabil: how to use

Phytopreparation adult patients in serious condition recommended to be taken daily during the meal for 6 tablets. The daily dosage is divided into three portions.

For the prevention of neurological disorders can be applied in one or two tablets per day Neurostabil.

Side effects Neurostabil

Phytopreparation can cause an allergic reaction associated only with individual intolerance of its components.


Neurostabil not be taken in case of hypersensitivity, pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Children drug is prescribed with caution.