The drug Neurontin for clinical and pharmacological group refers to anticonvulsants.

Instructions for Neurontin. Testimony

 The drug Neurontin for clinical and pharmacological group refers to anticonvulsants
 The main active ingredient of Neurontin is gabapentin, which has a proven ability to prevent the occurrence of seizures.

The drug is a prescription for his appointment requires a clear indication. Neurontin is prescribed for adult patients with neuropathic pain. It is also indicated as monotherapy in the treatment of partial seizures, with the presence of secondary generalization, and without it in patients older than 12 years. In younger children with the same diagnosis Neurontin is used as an additional tool.

Receiving Neurontin is possible during the meal, and regardless of the diet. If you want to cancel or replace the drug and reduce its dosage, changes are made gradually during the week.

Sometimes the beginning of treatment Neurontin also begin gradually - the first day was 300 mg * 1 time a day, the second - 300 mg * 2 times a day, the third day dose is 300 mg * 3 times per day. In most cases, the daily dose of 900 mg Neurontin is standard for adults. Sometimes it is increased by up to three readings, 6 grams and even 4, 8 grams per day; do it gradually increasing the dosage every day.

It is proved that further increase in dosage reduces the bioavailability of gabapentin in the body. The maximum time interval between doses of Neurontin for instruction shall not exceed 12 hours. Otherwise, there may be a resumption of seizures.

Children up to 12 years as prescribed Neurontin three times a day, at the same daily dose calculated as 10-15 mg per 1 kg of body weight. As in adults, the effective dose achieving conducted gradually over 3 days. In children 3-5 years it is 25-35 g per 1 kg of body weight per day, and over 5 - 40 micrograms. Chronic administration is expedient to increase the daily dose to 50 mg of Neurontin, and the interval between doses and not more than 12-hours.

Neurontin: special instructions

The drug is available as tablets and capsules. Treatment Neurontin does not require laboratory monitoring. In accordance with a doctor's appointment, he may be combined with other anticonvulsants. For patients with chronic kidney disease may be appropriate to decrease the standard dosage of Neurontin.

In the treatment Neurontin should strictly adhere to an appointed dose and avoid exceeding them. If overdose you should immediately consult a doctor. It should also be mandatory to inform the doctor about other prescription drugs in order to avoid the negative effects of their interaction.

Data on the effect of Neurontin on the fetus of pregnant women are not available, so it is prescribed during pregnancy only if absolutely necessary. In the appointment during lactation breastfeeding need to be discontinued.

Neurontin can cause some adverse reactions from the various organs and systems. In such situations they should be immediately inform your doctor.

Contraindications Neurontin is for the purpose under the age of 3 years and increased individual sensitivity to the main and auxiliary substances, which is part of the preparation. Also, during treatment with Neurontin should try to avoid driving.

Analogs of Neurontin

 Neurontin is available as tablets and capsules
 Analogues are called drugs that have the same chemical composition. Today in the domestic pharmaceutical market there are analogues of Neurontin following:

  • Gabagamma
  • Gabapentin,
  • Gapentek,
  • Katena,
  • Konvalis,
  • Lepsitin,
  • Tebantin,
  • Egipentin,
  • Eplirontin.

Neurontin - reviews of preparation

According to numerous reviews of Neurontin, the drug shows a high effectiveness in the treatment of diseases, wherein during reception are often encountered various side effects.