Neurobeks - multivitamin complex.

Pharmacological action

The preparation Neurobeks included from group B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamin PP, thanks to which the drug supplies body important coenzymes involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

B vitamins normalize metabolism in the nerve tissue, improve the nutrition of the neurons in the subcortical structures and the transmission of nerve impulses

Vitamin PP activates the process of metabolism of carbohydrates, blood coagulation, enhances vascular permeability and expands them, reduces the amount of cholesterol in diseases it helps the digestive tract, liver, heart. This vitamin due to its regenerating properties useful for non-healing skin lesions.

Ascorbic acid is involved in the production of collagen, steroids, accelerates the healing of tissues, stimulates carbohydrate metabolism, increases blood clotting.

Product form

Producing multivitamin complex Neurobeks in several forms: Neurobeks containing 15mg of vitamin B1, vitamin B6 10 mg and 0 02mg of vitamin B12; Neurobeks fort to strengthen the composition: it contains 100 mg of vitamin B1, 200mg of vitamin B6 and 300mg of vitamin B12; Neurobeks Neo, which contains 50mg of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, 200mg, 300mg of vitamin B12, 25mg vitamin B2, as well as folic acid and ascorbic acid, calcium pantothenate.

Producing vitamins in the form of pills.

Indications Neurobeksa

The complex is used in polyneuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, myasthenia, paresthesia, diathesis, psoriasis, pyoderma, shingles, acne, arthralgia, dystonia neurocirculatory, myalgia, eczema, neurogenic dermatitis, disorders of the nervous system of traumatic, encephalopathy, fatigue, hypovitaminosis, leukopenia, anemia.

Good reviews of Neurobeks participating in the treatment of alcoholism, nicotine addiction.

Also according to the instructions Neurobeks prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma, optic neuritis, and the auditory nerve, degenerative changes of the retina, nerve damage arising due to poisoning, ulcers, hepatitis, gastroduodenitis, cirrhosis, enterocolitis, cholecystitis.

Seen the positive effects after applying complex at myocarditis, cardiovascular disease, myocardial dystrophy, intoxication of various origins.


Neurobeks of instruction is contraindicated in acute thromboembolism, polycythemia, allergies, eritremii, hypersensitivity.

Pregnant and lactating women to take vitamins Neurobeks without a doctor is not recommended. Data on the safety of Neurobeks Neo pregnant women do not.

Judging by the reviews, Neurobeks due to being a part of vitamin B6 may reduce the effect of receiving levodopa, phenobarbital, phenytoin.

Inconsistent with vitamin B6 isoniazid, thiosemicarbazone, Serene, hydralazine.

According to the instructions Neurobeks desirable to combine with medications containing aluminum

Neurobeks may decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives, alcohol, diuretics.

Part of the calcium pantothenate Neurobeks Neo can enhance the action of cardiac glycosides, reduce the toxicity of antibiotics used in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Instructions for use Neurobeksa

Take pills after a meal inside, better after eating.

As a preventive measure for Neurobeks instructions take 1-2 pills. three p / day for one month.

In the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, adults and children, after 14L Neurobeks take two pills three p / day for children 8-14l give one, two or three pills p / day for children 3-8l. - One or two pills a p / day. Often prescribed to take Neurobeks lactating and pregnant women - one tablet one or two p / day.

For the treatment of fatigue in adults and children after 14L. give one tablet three p / day for children 8-14l. - One, two pills p / day for children 3-8l. - One tablet a p / day.

Neurobeks Forte can be taken only after a 14L children and adults. For the prevention of drink vitamin pills on one day during the month. For the treatment of neurological diseases - 1-2 tablets / day.  Neo Neurobeks
 Pregnant and lactating women can take one tablet a day.

Complex Neurobeks Neo can take one p / night for a single tablet for two or four weeks. For the treatment of neurological diseases take 1-2 tablets / day.

side effects

There are reviews of Neurobeks, nausea and allergic reactions - rash, skin redness.

Neurobeks, Neurobeks Neo Forte Neurobeks in high doses can cause poisoning, which is accompanied by diarrhea, chest pain, increased heart rate, agitation, increased side effects. To eliminate symptoms of overdose isoniazid, conducted standard symptomatic therapy