Neuleptil - preparation, providing a soothing effect
 Neuleptil - for the treatment of mental disorders.

Pharmacological action

Neuleptil has antiemetic, antispasmodic, sedative and antipsychotic effects.

There are reviews of Neuleptile confirming that it effectively eliminates aggression and hyperexcitability has soporific effect.

The active ingredient of the drug - periciazine.

Product form

Produce solution for internal use.

Indications Neuleptila

Neuleptil indicated for the treatment of hysterical psychopathy or excitable type; psychopathic states that accompany schizophrenia; for the treatment of paranoia, it is against the background of Senile (senile), presenile, vascular or organic diseases.

Effective drug for epilepsy, which is accompanied by a dysphoric state (opposite of euphoria), affective and explosive manifestations.

Instructions Neuleptila: how to use

 Neuleptil capsules
 Adult patients on those appointed to take the testimony of 30-100 mg. More exact dosage prescribed after examination by a psychiatrist.

The daily dose is required to split into two or three doses, with the majority appointed on the day the patient is given medication in the evening.

Children can be given 0, 1-0, 5 mg / kg body weight of the child.

Side effects Neuleptila

Judging by the reviews, Neuleptil tolerated in most cases good, but sometimes there are a variety of dose-related adverse effects.

At the beginning of treatment, when administered small doses Neuleptila, patients may note dry mouth, blurred vision, decreased pressure, constipation, urinary retention, drowsiness, apathy, depression, anxiety.

At high doses can be observed Neuleptila agitation, the appearance of involuntary movements of the limbs and facial muscles, frigidity, amenorrhea, impotence, weight gain, worsening glucose tolerance, hyperglycemia.

By the side effects Neuleptila arising independently of the prescribed dose, include: agranulocytosis, skin rash, photosensitivity, leukopenia, decreased tone of the eyeballs, the appearance of sediments in front of eye cells that do not affect vision.


Neuleptil of instructions can not be accepted in Parkinson's disease, angle-closure glaucoma, porphyria, agranulocytosis, urinary retention caused by prostate diseases, hypersensitivity to periciazine.

Pregnant women, lactating women, children under three years of taking medication is not recommended.

Under the supervision take Neuleptil elderly patients and patients with abnormalities of the cardiovascular system, liver or kidney failure.

Considered inappropriate appointment Neuleptila simultaneously sultopride, guanethidine and similar medicines, Levodopa.

Consume alcohol during their therapy is not recommended: ethanol increases the sedative effect periciazine that may adversely affect the rate of reactions.

Precautions Neuleptil combine with drugs that reduce gastric acidity, and lowers blood pressure.