Leaves of nettle


Nettle leaves - vegetable agent with broad spectrum of action.

Pharmacological action

The nettle leaves contained copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E, K, B, flavonoids, volatile, binders, glycosides, chlorophyll, organic acid. All these substances confer nettle healing properties and make it possible to use it as a restorative, healing, expectorant, laxative, choleretic, dilates blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, an anticonvulsant.

Practice external use nettle leaves - for skin diseases, bleeding, open wounds, problems with hair.

Product form

The pharmaceutical industry produces crushed dried nettle leaves, nettle herbal tea, liquid extract of nettle.

At home, nettle leaves are dried naturally or used fresh.

Indications nettle leaves

Apply nettles to stop uterine, intestinal, hemorrhoidal bleeding, treatment of hypovitaminosis, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis, peptic ulcer stomach, constipation, respiratory diseases, enterocolitis, nefrourolitiaza, iron deficiency anemia, gout, polimenorei, myalgia, diabetes mellitus, angina.

Outwardly nettle leaves are used in non-healing purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, herpes, abrasions, rash, acne, bedsores. Mouthwash decoction of nettle practice for problems with the gums.

In cosmetology used nettle leaves hair - to stimulate their growth.


The use of nettle leaves is not recommended for: hypersensitivity to the facility, bleeding caused by tumor diseases requiring surgical intervention at an elevated blood clotting. Pregnant taking decoction of nettle is impossible, since they increase the tone of the uterine musculature, can trigger premature labor. With careful use of fresh nettles, with renal failure.

Instructions for use nettle leaves

When poor blood clotting nettle prepare a broth: two tablespoons tablespoons chopped dried leaves pour a glass of boiling water, kipyatyat10min, then cooled, filtered. Take broth 4-5r / day for 1st tablespoon.

To stop the bleeding brew a tablespoon of leaves of one cup of boiling water, boil for another 10 minutes, strain after cool down and take 4-5r / day for 1st spoon.

To regulate the metabolism in anemia, as tonic take an infusion prepared with two tablespoons of table leaf, filled a glass of boiling water and seasoned 15min. Take tincture three p / q. before meals one, two cups.

Mouthwash use the infusion of the leaves 10g, infused 0 5CT. boiling water (broth insist 10min).

Practice and application of nettle leaves in fees. For treatment of acute gastritis are mixed in equal amounts nettle, St. John's wort, plantain, chamomile, 4 spoon mixture pour one liter of boiling water, insist 2 hours. in a warm place. After one glass drink several r / day (about 1, 5 liters) for 7-10dn.

 Leaves of nettle
 If constipation is used to collect nettle (one part), buckthorn bark (three parts), yarrow flowers (one piece) - one spoon collection brewed cup of boiling water, keep on heat for another minute, insist half an hour, strain and drink the night at 0, 5-1mu glass for 2 weeks.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids mixed one part nettle leaves, two of the oregano and buckthorn bark. Collection (1 spoon) brewed 1 5CT. hot water 5 minutes. boiled 4h. kept in a warm place. Take broth in the form of heat three p / day 0, 5CT. for 15min. before a meal.

For exterior washes and compresses two tablespoons tablespoons leaves pour a glass of boiling water, 25 min. They insist, filter.

Nettle leaves hair (100g) pour 0, 5 liters. water, 0, 5L. vinegar, boil for half an hour, filter.

Filtered decoction of nettle is recommended one hour after cooking.

side effects

Allergic symptoms.