Neosmektin - means for treating various gastrointestinal disorders
 Neosmektin - a treatment for diarrhea.

Pharmacological action

Antidiarrheal effect of the drug based on its ability to absorb excess liquid, viruses and bacteria in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.

Application Neosmektina at therapeutic doses on the intestinal motility is not affected.

The active ingredient of the drug - dioctahedral smectite.

Product form

Neosmektin produce powder.

Indications Neosmektinu

Basically take Neosmektin as indicated by diarrhea, which may be caused by infection, allergy, taking drugs, violation of habitual diet or the use of poor-quality food.

There are positive reviews of Neosmektine used as a means of symptomatic therapy in various gastrointestinal diseases: using the drug can eliminate heartburn, discomfort, swelling and heaviness in the stomach.

Instructions Neosmektina: how to use

 Neosmektin - a drug used to treat diarrhea
 Powder Neosmektin dissolved before use in water (100 mL), stirred well and drink.

Adults, children over 12 years of powder is recommended to take three times a day to 3 g (indicated by the number of funds undiluted).

For children up to 12 years recommended Neosmektin dissolve in 50 ml water. Children up to the year give 3 g of the drug; Children from one to two years - 6 g; children after 2 years can be given 6-9 grams. The drug in the above dosage given to children in several stages. There are good reviews about Neosmektine to mothers who during the day mixed into medicine in the food: in baby food, juice, puree or porridge. Effective means of mixing it with food is not reduced.

Unused during the day prepared suspension can be refrigerated, but not more than 16 hours in a closed container. Before using the drug after storage in a refrigerator is recommended to shake.

Side effects Neosmektina

Application Neosmektina can cause constipation, while the side effects pass after dosage reduction.

Because you are hypersensitive to the drug allergies can begin. In this case, it is recommended to review the approach to the treatment of diarrhea.

There is no reliable information about possible overdose Neosmektina.


Neosmektin of instruction is contraindicated in intestinal obstruction, allergy dioctahedral smectite and auxiliaries medication.

The drug affects the rate and extent of absorption of other substances from the gastrointestinal tract, so in those cases where the means consist of a complex therapy, it is administered separately from taking other drugs - with an interval of one or two hours.

Among the auxiliaries Neosmektina is dextrose, so diabetics drug is prescribed with caution.