Neoselen - a drug that provides the production of hemoglobin
 Neoselen - drug filling shortage of selenium in the body.

Pharmacological action

The substance is selenium, which is the foundation of the drug Neoselen - it is an active element, which is part of the human hormones and enzymes, have antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antihistaminic, antimutagenic effect, responsible for the exchange of proteins and nucleic acids.

The presence of selenium in the organism in sufficient quantities provides the production of hemoglobin, protected against the influence of radiation and various toxic substances that enter the body from the outside (heavy metals, drugs, etc.), prevents the development of pancreatitis, arteriosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, hepatic necrosis.

Selenium deficiency causes that reduced immunity, impaired lipid metabolism, increased susceptibility to ionizing radiation worsens the liver and heart muscle, a condition of female and male reproductive function, usually an allergy develops pancreatic insufficiency, aggravated skin diseases, early aging organism.

Reviews Neoselene confirm that its use reduces the risk of cancer and reduce the mortality rate from the disease. This action is due to its ability of selenium to prevent the mutation of the epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa, breast, bronchus.

Product form

 Neoselen - preparation, providing anti-cancer effect
 Neoselen produce a 0 solution of 05%.

Indications Neoselen

Due to the fact that selenium affects the functionality of almost all organs and systems of the body, its prophylactic and therapeutic purposes is used in various fields of medicine.

In cardiology Neoselen prescribed to patients with high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy selenodefitsitnoy. Good reviews of Neoselene by patients taking it during recovery after a heart attack.

In gastroenterology Neoselen include in the complex therapy of cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, poisoning, heavy metal salts, gallstones, pancreatitis. Patients who have had viral hepatitis, or surgery to remove stones from the bile ducts, as prescribed Neoselen.

In nephrology agent indicated for the treatment of pyelonephritis and urolithiasis.

Neoselen also helps with arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, fractures, ankylosing spondylitis, bone disease. Good reviews of Neoselene, which receive in these diseases coupled with electrophoresis, thermal treatments, mud treatment.

Due to its antioxidant effect, Neoselen useful for thyroid, as it protects the body from the effects of free radicals and activates the production of an important gland for thyroid hormone. Especially recommended for Neoselen elderly, have impaired the functionality of the thyroid gland.

The instructions Neoselen indicated that the drug is safe for children and has a beneficial effect on children's immunity, so pediatric drug prescribed to children exposed to frequent colds, and those who have found chronic tonsillitis, diathesis. Often drugs are prescribed with selenium to children who are taking immunosuppressive drugs.

In dermatology Neoselen used to treat psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis.

Selenium is needed for patients with anemia, asthma, Parkinson's disease, leukemia, colitis, diffuse mastopathy, multiple sclerosis, radiation sickness, HIV (it is believed that selenium keeps the disease in a latent state, and does not allow him to go into a form of AIDS).

The instructions Neoselen indicated that the drug effectively prevents the appearance of tumors in the prostate, breast, lung, rectum.

It is strongly recommended to monitor the level of selenium in the body of pregnant women, as the lack of this substance can cause miscarriage. In addition, there are cases where due to lack of selenium had babies with neural tube defect, or muscle weakness.

Instructions Neoselen: how to use

The solution Neoselen diluted before use boiled water - 10 ml of the drug to 0, 5 liters of water. The resulting reconstituted drug based on the recommended doses, is poured into beverages that the patient daily intake.

The instructions are listed Neoselen dosage: children under one year given daily 25 drops diluted solution; children younger than 2 years old - 1/2 teaspoon; children under five years are 1-2 times a day for 1 teaspoon of the second vehicle; children under 12 years are one dessert spoon of solution 2 times a day. Adults can take 2 tablespoons of the solution two or three times a day.

These doses are appointed as a preventive measure. For treatment prescribed Neoselen higher doses, with a treatment regimen is determined individually.

Side effects Neoselen

No reviews on Neoselene, causing serious side effects. In the case of intolerance could begin allergy.

Note that an overdose of selenium. It features: improved brittle nails, sweat and breath with the smell of garlic, dermatitis, irritability, hair loss, weakness and fatigue, vomiting, metallic taste in the mouth, nausea. In overdose Neoselen cancel undergo symptomatic therapy.


Neoselen not be taken in cases of poisoning by selenium, elevated levels of the substance in the environment, in case of hypersensitivity.

Glucose is a bad influence on the absorption of Neoselen so while taking the drug, it is desirable to exclude from the diet of sweets, or severely restrict their use.

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