Natalsid - pharmacological agents in the form of rectal suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Structure and Composition Natalsida

 This drug comes in the form of rectal suppositories. According to the instructions Natalsid includes active substance (sodium alginate 250 mg) and an auxiliary component (vitespol). Weight of suppository is 2, '25

Suppositories Natalsid light gray, torpedo-shaped, they are enclosed in Valium planimetric package of 5 pieces. The cardboard box contains 2 circuits with the drug packaging and instructions for its use.

Pharmacological action

According to the instructions Natalsid has hemostatic (hemostatic), anti-inflammatory and healing (restorative) action. Therapeutic effects of the drug caused by its active agent (sodium alginate) which is a natural polysaccharide produced from marine brown algae.

Indications Natalsida

According to the instructions Natalsid indicated for chronic hemorrhoids (including bleeding), chronic anal fissure (under epithelialization), proctosigmoiditis, and after surgical interventions in the rectal area to reduce inflammation.


Hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug, and up to age 14 years.

Application Natalsida during pregnancy and lactation

Natalsid during pregnancy is allowed to use on any terms. The drug does not penetrate into the breast milk and can be used in nursing mothers. In the opinion of Natalsid, it is one of the most effective drugs approved for use during pregnancy.

Dosing and Administration

According to the instructions Natalsid inserted into the rectum. Optimally suppository administered after a bowel movement (self or after cleansing enema), previously recommended to moisten it with water.

Children older than 14 years and adults recommended 1 suppository 2 times a day. Duration of treatment with the drug is 7 to 14 days, it is determined on an individual basis by the attending physician.  Dosage form Natalsida - rectal suppositories

Side effects Natalsida

Hypersensitivity reactions are possible. In the opinion of Natalsid rarely causes side effects and is well tolerated by patients.

Interaction with other drugs

No data on the interaction with other drugs Natalsida.


Children under 14 years of age is recommended to use a form of the drug Alginatol children, which also contains sodium alginate.