Veselka - a fungus, is quite common in the mid-latitudes of Europe and to the Far East is growing in deciduous forests, likes the neighborhood broadleaf trees, such as oak or beech. This fungus is unusual in many respects. One of its main features is the rapid rise - in favorable conditions for themselves Veselka growing before our eyes, adding five millimeters per minute. Because of this, the lifetime is short Veselka, only 2-3 days.

Unusual are also fungal germs that are in the earth, they have the shape of an egg, and the people are called mushroom eggs. They reach 60mm in length and 50mm in width, have a whitish-gray or pale green. These are the mushroom egg most prized in traditional medicine, as it is believed that they are highest concentration of medicinal substances, and later, at the stage of mature fungus, they are partially lost.

Veselka in the stage of mushroom eggs eaten, even raw, has a soft jelly-like structure and a pleasant aroma of fresh radishes. Ripe mushroom becomes sharp repulsive smell of rotting meat, what attracts flies, which spread its spores, this is the mechanism of its propagation. Not to mention the specific phallic mushroom, for which he was nicknamed immodest, pudendal fungus its Latin name - Phallus impudicus, in some areas it is also known under the names morel smelly, Witch egg upstart.

External treatment Veselka

Veselka valued since ancient times for its medicinal properties, and to this day it is widely used in folk medicine.

The mushroom high content of volatile production - natural antibiotics, and therefore tincture Veselka has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action. Local tincture Veselka used to treat nonhealing wounds, trophic ulcers. For example, a known historical fact that Alexander Pushkin tincture Veselka prescribed for the treatment of thrombosis, one symptom of which is the name sores. Also tincture Veselka recommended by traditional healers to outdoor use for the treatment of acne, fungal infections of the hands and feet, inflamed hemorrhoids, rectal fissures.

For manufacturing tincture Veselka applied bud stage so-called egg. Recipe for her is simple: 3-5 eggs freshly picked mushroom thoroughly washed, dried, cut into 4 pieces, pour vodka or rubbing alcohol sorokagradusnuyu in the amount of 0, 3 l and press a few weeks in a cool dark place. The resulting liquid is discharged without filtering. In folk medicine used as itself the resulting tincture Veselka, and mushroom pieces, soaked in alcohol (vodka).

In the season when a lot of mushrooms can be used for outdoor applications and fresh mushrooms in this case, a jelly-like substance is removed, filling egg mushroom and without any additions or processing is applied to the affected skin.

Tincture Veselka for internal use

For therapeutic purposes, Veselka applies not only externally, but also inside. Along with chagoy and shiitake mushroom belongs to the powerful anticancer drugs. It was found that in addition to high concentrations of volatile production, Veselka contains substances that stimulate the activity of lymphocytes, key cells of the immune system. This happens due to increased production of perforins, specific proteins, by which lymphocytes attack pathogenic organism cells including atypical inherent malignant tumor diseases. Hence the use of tincture Veselka as a treatment for malignant and benign tumors is justified, but do it without control is still not recommended.

Regular use for medicinal purposes Veselka helps reduce cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure, which is very beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and because the fungus is indicated for the treatment and prevention of hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis.

In addition, treatment Veselka used in diseases of the circulatory system, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal and immune. In fact, due to the property to stimulate the body's own defenses, treatment Veselkov shown in most diseases, including those caused by the herpes viruses, hepatitis A, B and C, papilloma, and even HIV, and as a general tonic in debilitated patients and those who is recovering from a serious illness, volume of surgical interventions in people exposed to radiation.

It is not always desirable to use an alcohol tincture Veselka inside, for example, the alcohol is eliminated in diseases of the stomach and liver. In this case it is recommended to eat any fresh mushroom, or use decoctions and infusions fungus. Use not only fresh but dried mushrooms as a powder. They can also be brewed and insist, just as is done with dried herbs. It is believed that the treatment of Veselka in the dried state is not as effective as treatment Veselka fresh or cooked in the form of alcohol tinctures. Decoctions and infusions fungus effectively relieve pain in the stomach, liver, joints, and have anti-inflammatory and healing effect.  Tincture Veselka

Known and use this recipe Veselka: a teaspoon of powder of dried mushroom pour a glass of just the boiled milk, wait until cool down until warm to the touch, comfortable to use inside. Then stir and drink a whole, together with particles of the fungus. Use in lingering dry cough, bronchitis, pneumonia scheme 2 times a day, morning and evening, for a week. Herbalists say that in such cases, treatment is not inferior to Veselka potent efficacy of drugs, but exceeds them in the absence of side effects.

Contraindications Veselka

To date not revealed any serious contraindications to treatment Veselka. Traditionally, the fungus is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and children under five years, since no studies on the impact of treatment Veselka on the human body during these times, is particularly vulnerable. Since Veselka stimulates the immune system, its use is not recommended in patients suffering from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, psoriasis, scleroderma, and the like, because you can provoke an aggravation.

Also, treatment is not indicated Veselka if you are hypersensitive.