Mukosat injections
 Mukosat - a drug that improves the structure of cartilage.

Pharmacological action

Mukosat anti-inflammatory effect.

Its active ingredient - chondroitin (prepared from bovine trachea), which tend to reduce the loss of calcium, slow down bone resorption and destructive processes in the cartilage and connective tissue, accelerates the regeneration of cartilage, improve the exchange of calcium, phosphorus, prevent compression of the connective tissue.

Application Mukosata helps to increase the allocation of synovial fluid and joint mobility, reduce pain and inflammation, reduce the need for the appointment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The drug has low toxicity, its composition is similar to heparin because judging by the reviews of Mukosat, it is capable of preventing the appearance of fibrin clots in the bloodstream.

Active substance after its chondroitin intramuscularly absorbed rapidly and within half an hour in the blood reaches a high concentration. For two days the level of chondroitin in the blood gradually decreases.

Chondroitin accumulates mainly in cartilage, the effect of the drug develops slowly, but lasts for several months.

Product form

Release capsules, and pills, a solution for injections Mukosat.

Preparations peers: Chondroxide, Artrin, Chondroitin, hondrolon, Struktum, Hondrollar.

Indications Mukosata

Mukosat according to the instructions indicated for the treatment distoficheskih and degenerative conditions of the joints and spine, which are often developed in osteoarthritis and intervertebral defeat large joints, with primary osteoarthritis. Effective use Mukosat to accelerate healing in fractures of the joints, for the treatment of parondopaty, osteoporosis, for the treatment of pain in the joints (additional therapy) for the prevention and treatment of injuries of joints after excessive exercise

Good reviews of Mukosat, prescribed to patients who have had surgery on the joints.


Mukosat of instructions are not prescribed for predisposition to thrombophlebitis, bleeding, and hypersensitivity.

Injections Mukosat not do children and is not recommended for breast-feeding means, pregnant women.

There are reviews of Mukosat, that the drug can increase the effects of fibrinolytic agents (drugs to dissolve the blood clots), indirect anticoagulants (drugs that slow blood clotting - coumarin derivatives, in particular, acenocoumarol), antiplatelet agents (agents that reduce the blood clots). When such combined therapy is still vital to the patient, should be continuously monitored indicators of blood clotting.

Instructions for use Mukosata

T  Mukosat pills
 abletki Mukosat adults take two p / day for 0, 75gr over the first 3 weeks and after two p / day for 0, 5 gr.

Children 5 years after Mukosat in capsules or pills are taken at 0, 5-0, 75gr; 1-5l children. - At 0, 5g, children up to one year - at 0, 25g.

Injections Mukasat do in a day, prick to 0, 1g. After the fourth injection Mukosat dosage is increased to 0, 2g. Total for the course of treatment must be made 25-35 shots.

According to the testimony of six months, you can repeat the treatment.

side effects

Application Mukosat can provoke allergic reactions.

In place of the injection may occur hemorrhage.

If side effects are manifested, should be abolished Mukosat.

No information about possible overdose Mukosat instructions, but does not exclude that in excess of recommended doses of the likelihood of side effects is much higher.