M  Mukofalk
 ukofalk - laxative plant-based.

Pharmacological action

The basis of the preparation of psyllium shell that contains hydrophilic fibers. Mukofalk laxative effect is possible due to the fact that psyllium fiber entering the gastrointestinal tract, found there to absorb water and swell. It is noticed that the seeds can absorb moisture in excess of 40 times the weight.

After swelling occurs, the contents of the intestines expands and softens feces. It is also observed that the hydrophilic fibers stimulate intestinal motility, which in turn facilitates the removal of feces.

The tool is not absorbed into the bloodstream, and even after prolonged use is not addictive.

Product form

Mukofalk produced in powder form.

Indications Mukofalk

Application Mukofalk shown for chronic constipation, diseases, in which complicated defecation (anal fissures, hemorrhoids, rehabilitation after operations in the rectum).

Good reviews of Mukofalk used in irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea of ​​various origins.


Mukofalk of instruction is not suitable for organic narrowing of the digestive tube, diabetes, severe, with hypersensitivity to the states or the threat has arisen intestinal obstruction, in cases involving changes in water and electrolyte balance.

You can not assign children to Mukofalk 12l.

You can not take the medication simultaneously with an anti-diarrhea and such that inhibit the activity of the intestine.

If Mukofalk included in the complex therapy, you should take it at intervals of one or two hours before or after taking other designated funds.

if the patient is taking insulin, its dosage during treatment with Mukofalk should be reduced.

Mukofalk can be taken during lactation, pregnancy.

Instructions for use Mukofalk

Kids and adults after 12l Mukofalk shows you how to take one ch.lozh. 2-6r / day (the contents of one  Mukofalk - granules for suspension
 powder packets fit in one teaspoon).

Before use, dilute Mukofalk in 150ml of cold water to drink and to wash down with a glass of water.

At the time of treatment should be to maintain the water balance - drink at least 1, 5-2, 5 liters / day.

The duration of therapy is not limited in time, it is assigned a doctor individually.

side effects

Reported reviews Mukofalk, causing a feeling of fullness in the stomach, increased gas formation in the beginning of therapy, allergic reactions.

Data on overdose are not recorded.