Mucosolvan syrup

Mucosolvan - means to treat diseases of the lungs, the bronchi.

Pharmacological action

The drug has a pronounced Mucosolvan mucolytic action facilitates the excretion of phlegm due to stimulation of serous cells of the bronchial mucosa and the motor activity of the cilia of the epithelium of the bronchi (the drug prevents soldering).

Product form

Producing Mucosolvan syrup, Mucosolvan in solution for inhalation, Mucosolvan children as a syrup, tablet.

Indications Mucosolvan

According to the instructions Mucosolvan indicated for the treatment: chronic, acute respiratory diseases accompanied by secretion of viscous mucus: pneumonia, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, acute, the disease bronchiectasis.

Effective drug in the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in newborn and premature infants.


Mucosolvan for instructions contraindicated in sensitivity to ambroxol, other components agents during pregnancy. It was found that the active ingredient of the drug gets into breast milk, but there is no data on the negative impact of money for the child, so the decision to use Mucosolvan nursing mother must take a doctor.

Simultaneous application Mucosolvan antibiotic increases their concentration in the lung tissue. Do not use the drug at the same time with the means of suppressing a cough.

Instructions for use Mucosolvan

Syrup Mucosolvan drink while eating, inside, washed down with water. In the first 2-3dn adults take 10ml, after - 5ml three p / day or two 10ml p / day. If the disease is severe, the dose can not be reduced.

Children Mucosolvan children under 2 years are two p / night for 2, 5ml, 2-5let children - three p / night for 2, 5ml, children 5-12l. - 2-3r / day for 5 ml. Children also need to drink water syrup.

 Tablets Mucosolvan
 Tablets Mucosolvan also take meals. Children after 12l., Adults take three 30 mg p / day in the first 2-3dn after - two 30mg p / day or 15mg three p / day.

Babies 6-12l. taking pills prescribed at a dose of 15mg Mucosolvan two or three p / day.

Mucosolvan inhalation adult children after 5 yrs. appoint po15-22, 5 mg, for children up to 2 years - 7, 5 mg, children 2-5l. - 15mg one, two p / day. If there is no possibility to carry out more inhalation 1st day, administered further solution, syrup or tablet.

The solution for internal use adults take over the first two or three days 4ml after three p / night for 2ml or 4ml two p / day; children up to 2 years appoint two 1ml p / day; 2-5l children. - 1ml three p / day; 5-12l children. - Two or three 2ml p / day.

The solution can be administered Mucosolvan 4 / day intravenously, counting 30 mg per kg body weight (daily dosage). Before the introduction of the drug is mixed with glucose, saline solution, Ringer's solution.

Side effects

Mucosolvan usually tolerated well, but in the case of intolerance may function disorder gastrointestinal (vomiting, heartburn, nausea), skin rash.