Heart or pyatilopasny motherwort also called dog nettles, core, heart grass. Refers plant family Labiatae or yasnotkovyh.

The herb has a very wide distribution, and infusions and tinctures motherwort (water and alcohol, respectively) are often more effective than expensive imported resources.

The plant is widely used not only in traditional, but also in medical science.

Description motherwort

Motherwort is a perennial herb, reaching a height of 100-150 cm. The grass has a four-sided, upright stem, pubescent with sparse hairs. Lower leaves - large, with five lobes, light green below and dark green on top. By the way, the top leaves - lobed or tripartite.

Flowers Leonurus - wrong, and ring-shaped inflorescences, which encircle the stem, often have a purplish-pink color. The fruit of the plant as it is made up of 4-seeded nutlets.

Distributed dog nettle in the European part of Russia, Central Asia, Western Siberia and the Caucasus. The most common dense clumps on vacant lots, gardens, weedy areas, meadows, near roads.

Motherwort flowering period is in June and July, but the plant blooms only in the second year of life. Basically it grows wild, but in some areas, knowing pharmacological properties motherwort, it is grown.

The grass, which can be used for medicinal purposes should be collected at the beginning of flowering. Incidentally, only the upper part of the collected plant having a length of about 40 cm, the thickness of the stems should not exceed 5 mm. The collected raw material is dried in the shade, spread out thinly, it is often necessary to turn. Final drying is possible only in special kilns at a temperature of 50-60 ° C.

Stored properly prepared raw material in a dry place, as the shelf life of 3 years.

Specialized pharmacies sell harvested grass motherwort briquettes.

Application pustyrnika

Canine nettle contains organic acids, alkaloids, tannin, flavonoids, vitamins C, A and E, saponins, sweeteners and glycosides. The plant is rich in a variety of macro- and micronutrients.

According to reviews, motherwort similar in effect with valerian drug and lily of the valley, but the effect is much superior to them, especially in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases. Tincture motherwort is used to normalize heart rate and strength of heart contractions, as it has a hypotensive, sedative, diuretic and antispasmodic action. It is noted that the drugs plants are able to regulate the menstrual cycle and improve digestion.

The use of motherwort has a good effect with increased nervous excitability, cardiosclerosis, neurasthenia, climacteric female neurosis, vegetative dystonia, a sense of tension, insomnia. Also, motherwort, reviews confirm this, is used to treat serious diseases such as thyroid disease, epilepsy. They may be assigned to plant drugs in the gastro-intestinal disorders, menstruation, chronic inflammation of the intestine. When insomnia and nervous agitation herb is used as a soothing tea.

Widespread use of motherwort is in homeopathy. Topical preparations may be used for wound healing, because the plant has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

In addition, motherwort is very valuable honey plant, which is warm and wet weather is especially highlights the nectar. Honey productivity reaches 200 kg of grass crop that can be harvested per hectare. Fresh honey has no pungent smell and has a good taste.

To prepare the infusion of the plant, you need to pour a glass of boiling water (200 ml), 15 g of raw materials. After that, leave the mixture to infuse, then - squeeze and strain. Drink infusion is recommended before eating a tablespoon three times a day.  Tincture motherwort

Motherwort tincture is made from the raw material, the cast 70% alcohol. The ratio of raw material and alcohol must be 1: 5. You will take 30-50 drops three times a day.

Also, from a plant preparing a soothing tea, for which motherwort can be used to collect herbs. Special soothing collection available over the counter.

Effective drugs motherwort, reviews confirm in hysteria, neurasthenia, hypertension 1 and stage 2, epilepsy, cardiosclerosis, myocarditis, angina, menopause syndrome, heart failure, endometritis, impotence, uterine bleeding, insomnia, adenoma, inflammation of the colon. The plant is a good diuretic.

Contraindications pustyrnika

Drugs Leonurus categorically can not be applied when decelerating heart rate and reduced pressure.