Moriamin Forte

Moriamin Forte is an amino acid complex.  Moriamin Forte

Pharmacological action Moriamin Forte

The drug has a multi-vitamin and metabolic effects.

Moriamin 11 Forte comprises a crystalline vitamin and 8 amino acids, which are well balanced between them. The active ingredients of the amino acid complex prepared in the form of granules, in which there are 7 Moriamin Forte species. All granules have different colors to achieve maximum indifference and storage stability relative to each other. Thanks to improved technology achieved the most balanced granulation and slow release of each component. This provides a convenient use of the drug, a sufficiently long period of efficiency and good perception.

Action Moriamin Forte, opinions of experts confirm this, provide its constituent amino acids and vitamins. An important part of most of the enzyme systems of various metabolic processes in the body are vitamins. But amino acids are essential for tissue and blood proteins as well as to move the available amino acids in the body, the formation of new proteins and restore the destroyed tissue.

Well-balanced ratio of amino acids provide optimal conditions for their inclusion in the protein biosynthesis. Reviews of Forte Moriamin argue that it prevents vitamin deficiency phenomena, normalizes protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, restores after prolonged fatigue. In addition, the drug stimulates the immune defense of the body and prevents the negative impact of the environment.

Product form

Dosage forms Moriamin Forte capsules are of different colors.

Indications Moriamin Forte

According to the instructions, Moriamin Forte is indicated for:

  • lack of protein in the body, hypovitaminosis and unbalance of nutrients;
  • obessilivanii strong and exhaustion;
  • treating hypoalbuminemia, which may result from a number of different diseases;
  • increased requirements for vitamins, minerals and various trace elements (for intensive mental and physical activity during pregnancy and lactation, in stressful situations, defective and / or unbalanced diet during the period of intensive growth of children, etc.).

Also Moriamin Forte can be used for relieving fatigue and / or recovery of the body, for example in the postoperative period.


Moriamin Forte has no contraindications, but with great care given to patients with diabetes.

Instructions Moriamin Forte: how to use

 Moriamin Forte Capsules
 Instruction Moriamin Forte indicates that the drug should be taken 2-3 p / day 1-2 capsules inside, and children - 1-3 capsules / day.

Side effect

The drug may be accompanied by Forte Moriamin hypervitaminosis and hypersensitivity, as well as a variety of allergic reactions, which may become the cause of its components.

Conditions and terms

Store this medication should be in a dark, dry place, temperature does not exceed the mark of 25 about C. Shelf life 3 years.