Miramistin solution
 Miramistin - antiseptic

Pharmacological action

The main action Miramistin aimed at combating streptococci, staphylococci.

Also, the drug is active against gram-positive, gram-negative, spore-forming, asporogenous, anaerobic, aerobic bacteria.

Application Miramistin effective in sexually transmitted diseases caused by chlamydia, trichomonas, pale treponema, gonococci.

The drug and tend to have an antiviral effect. It enhances the immune response, accelerates wound healing. It is noticed that Miramistin helps reduce resistance of microorganisms to the media with anti-bacterial action.

Good reviews of Miramistin used in fungal diseases caused by yeast-like fungi, Ascomycetes, dermatophytes.

Due to the lack of a specific smell or taste as well as the composition of the safe can be used Miramistin for children.

Product form

Produce a solution, ointment, spray Miramistin.

Indications Miramistin

Miramistin prescribed for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted syphilis, genital candidiasis, herpes, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis; for the treatment of streptococcal, stafilodermii, fungal infections, localizing on the feet, in large folds of skin candidiasis, tinea, onychomycosis, keratomikoza.

You can use the drug in surgery: for the treatment of wounds infected with bacteria that are in the early stages of wound healing process (festering wounds formed after surgery, trophic ulcers, pressure ulcers, fistulas), frostbite, surface, deep burns of 2-3 degrees for the preparation of the burn wounds to autodermoplasty.

According to the instructions Miramistin also used in gynecology, urology. In obstetrics, gynecology heal festering postpartum trauma healing of the perineum, vagina, inflammation, post-partum infection. In urology with the preparation treat acute, chronic urethritis, uretroprostatita specific and nonspecific nature of gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia.

Good reviews of Miramistin applied in the treatment of laryngitis otolaryngology, tonsillitis, sinusitis, acute and chronic otitis, and dentistry - for the treatment of dentures, the treatment of periodontitis.

It is recommended to use the drug for the treatment of superficial skin lesions to prevent infection.

Miramistin prescribed for children for the prevention of fungal treatment of stomatitis, sore throat, treatment of abrasions and wounds.


The only contraindication to the use of antiseptic - individual intolerance to it.

Instructions for use Miramistin

Miramistin solution for the treatment of skin lesions is used in the form of lotions: moisten with sterile cloth or make occlusive bandage. After surgical treatment of osteomyelitis wound irrigated Miramistin through drainage and tamponiruyut.

In urology practice to introduce the solution into the patient's urethra - 2-5ml three p / day.

If a person is in need of urgent nature of venereal disease prevention, can be washed with a solution of the external sexual organs to handle swab of cotton wool soaked in a solution.

Also, for the prevention of unprotected intercourse women can spend douching - 5-10ml drug, and the man enter the urethra 1ml Miramistin. But the drug is effective only during 2 hours after intercourse.

For the treatment of inflammation in gynecology is used intravaginal tampons soaked in the solution.

For the treatment of purulent otitis media in the external auditory canal is administered 2ml Miramistin. And with tonsillitis, laryngitis practice gargling - 4-6r / day. When sinusitis maxillary sinus after removal washed with pus.

 Miramistin ointment
 Application Miramistin ointment is also effective for the treatment of burns, wounds. The ointment is applied to the damaged skin, covered with a bandage. Festered wound should be filled turundas impregnated with ointment. If development is wound in a first stage, a treatment is carried r / day, if the second - once in one or three days.

When an infection that is deep Miramistin combine with antibiotics.

Two p / day ointment on a gauze bandage applied in a thin layer of skin diseases. For treatment of tinea ointment combined with antifungal agents. Therapy lasts 5-7ned.

If the fungus formed on the nail before applying the ointment should remove the affected layers of the nail plate.

Miramistin Spray is used for treating colds. Most effective means possible to achieve, if you apply it in the early stages of colds (with a tickle in the nose, throat). You can also use a spray Miramistin for the prevention of influenza - they treated the mucous in the mouth one p / day.

side effects

After applying Miramistin may be short transient burning sensation. Cancelling means in this case is not necessary.

There are also reviews of Miramistin, causing a severe allergic skin reactions, arising from intolerance means.