Minirin - a drug used for the treatment of diabetes insipidus
 Minirin - means for the treatment of diabetes insipidus.

Pharmacological action

Minirin is antidiuretic - a drug that reduces the amount of urine.

The active substance minirin - desmopressin, which is an analogue of the hormone arginine vasopressin, but differing from it less aggressive effect on the muscles of internal organs and blood vessels. Under the action of Desmopressin develops antidiuretic effect decreases the probability of vascular spasm and associated undesirable side reactions.

Minirin epithelial cells increases the permeability of water while increasing its reabsorption (second phase uropoiesis).

Thus, given the specificity of the drug, its use in diabetes insipidus can reduce the amount allocated to a day of urine, prevent nocturnal polyuria - Increased urination at night.

Judging by the reviews of minirin, the dosage of 0, 1-0, 2 mg allows high urine to contain within 8-12 hours.

Product form

Minirin release tablets.

As an analogy, you can use minirin Vazomirin, Desmopressin, Presayneks, Emosint, Nativ - drugs with the same active ingredient.

Indications minirin

The medicine is prescribed for diabetes insipidus, nocturia in adults.

Apply Minirin and pediatrics - for the treatment of primary nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) in children after 5 years.

Instructions minirin: how to use

 Minirin tablets
 Treatment of central diabetes insipidus Minirin begin with dosages 0, 1 mg, taking the drug three times a day. For the follow-up appointment to monitor the reaction of the patient to the drug and increase the dose to 0, 2-1, 2 mg per day.

For many patients treated Minirin, provided optimum arrangement where take 0, 1-0, 2 mg three times a day.

For the treatment of nocturia Minirin administered in a dosage of 0, 1 mg, taking tablets at night. If after a week of such treatment will not improve, the dose every 7 days increases to 0, 1 mg, was adjusted to the maximum allowable dose of 0, 4 mg.

In patients with polyuria aged 65 or older, pre-treatment is required to determine the amount of sodium in the blood. Repeated control studies performed after three rounds Minirin and after each increase its dosage.

When primary nocturnal enuresis child child is given 0, 2 mg overnight. If this dose is ineffective, it increases to 0, 4 mg. Therapy lasts for three months, without interruption. A week after the end of treatment to assess its effectiveness and, if necessary, renew minirin reception.

Dosing analogues minirin occurs on the same principle.

The instructions minirin stated that during treatment should be restricted fluid intake.

Side effects minirin

Minirin can cause nausea, abdominal pain, weight gain, headaches, convulsions, hyponatremia.

If the patient complains of water retention, or had the above symptoms appear, stop taking the drug until the condition improves. After that, you can resume treatment minirin, but it should be more strictly control the use of fluids to patients.

Treatment is stopped as if the patient begins fever, gastroenteritis or develop systemic infection.

Judging by the reviews of minirin avoid the development of side effects may be subject to the regime of fluid intake: drink anything for an hour before taking the pills. Patients who undergo treatment of primary nocturnal enuresis, it is recommended not to drink the liquid during 8 hours after taking the medication.


And analogues Minirin Minirin not prescribed for psychogenic polydipsia or habitual (unnatural thirst), with hyponatremia, severe or moderate renal insufficiency, the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone development, with hypersensitivity to desmopressin and other components of the drug.

The instructions minirin stated that it is prescribed with caution to children under one year of renal failure in an easy manner, disruption of water and electrolyte balance, bladder fibrosis, during pregnancy, or if there is a risk of increased intracranial pressure.

Under special control of elderly patients taking the drug over 65 years. Reviews minirin confirm that at this age group of patients the side effects of the drug usually develops.

In appointing minirin considered that its action impaired tetracycline, glyburide, lithium, norepinephrine, and that tend to increase the effect of desmopressin increases the pressure means.

Risk of side effects increases with the appointment of the drug simultaneously with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Antidiuretic effect minirin may increase tricyclic antidepressants, chlorpromazine, serotonin inhibitors, carbamazepine.