Oil vaseline
 Mineral Oil - a means with a laxative effect.

Pharmacological action

Mineral Oil - a drug created artificially by refining petroleum products.

Internal use of paraffin oil has a laxative effect due to mechanical lubricating the intestinal walls, softening the stool in constipation. Oil also prevents constipation has on the intestine slight stimulating effect.

In addition, using mineral oil for babies, for topical application in cosmetics, as a basis for liniments, suspensions for intramuscular injections.

The cosmetic can be applied only to colorless, purified, neutral taste and odor paraffin oil.

Product form

Petroleum jelly looks like a colorless, oily liquid. Producing it in bottles of 100, 50, 40, 25ml.

Indications for use vaseline oil

Displaying mineral oil for constipation (lasting), and fat-soluble toxins poisoning (carbon tetrachloride, kerosene, benzene, gasoline).

External application of oil is effective to soften the skin.

Vaseline oil for newborns used if necessary to soften the scabs on his head, when potnichke, for the care of skin folds (to prevent diaper rash), to relieve irritation on the skin, for hygienic procedures to rid the nose. The oil can be used as a lubricant to facilitate insertion of the tip or vapor enema tube.

The oil is also effective in the stagnation of milk (lactostasis) in breast feeding women.

Instructions for use vaseline oil

 Effectively mineral oil for constipation
 Vaseline oil for constipation take one, two tablespoons 1-2r / day on an empty stomach. Laxative effect comes through 5-6ch. Treatment usually lasts no more than five days.

The instructions vaseline oil indicated that the treatment of baby skin should apply a thin layer of oil as needed.

To eliminate the blockage of milk ducts in the breast, to improve milk churn, mitigate seal chest recommend gauze pads soaked in paraffin oil. Apply compresses at night.

side effects

Prolonged use of oil can lead to a decrease in intestinal tone, disruption of digestion.

It should also be borne in mind that the oil prevents absorption of fat-soluble vitamins that can cause vitamin deficiencies.

Poor refined mineral oil is not recommended, because it can irritate the mucous membranes and skin.

Using oil for care of children's skin is important to remember that the liquid in the oil can lead to clogged pores, which is bad, because babies while still breathing skin. Therefore recommends applying means of a very thin layer.

Contraindications to the use of petroleum jelly

Mineral oil according to the instructions can not be used for inflammation in the abdominal cavity, hypersensitivity, pregnancy, fever, intestinal obstruction, intestinal bleeding.