Milife capsules

Milife is an adaptogenic agent.

Pharmacological action Milife

Milife characterized by a tonic effect. The drug significantly increases the body's resistance to adverse influences, it could be pollution, exposure to low and high temperatures, and the influence of different toxic elements and pathogenic organisms. Reviews Milife confirm that the drug improves both physical and mental performance. In addition, Milife accelerates regeneration of the body after diseases of various etymologies and carried loads.

It should be noted also that Milife has hepatoprotective effect, and restores the impaired liver function. This is due to the content of components such as ubiquinone Q6, Q9, Q10 and linolenic acid, which are contained in the preparation. They affect the synthesis of thromboxanes, leukotrienes and prostacyclins PgI2 Pg.

It has a good preparation and immunomodulatory activity, which is caused by exposure to Milife on immunocompetent organs. Experts say that the drug normalizes the humoral and cellular immunity. It has the drug as a direct virucidal effect.

Product form

Milife dosage form: capsules and tablets.

Indications Milife

According to the instructions, Milife shown at:

  • increased psycho-emotional and physical stress;
  • toxic hepatitis;
  • convalescence;
  • asthenia.

As a preventive measure you can take Milife to increase the body's resistance to colds.

 Milife pills


The drug is contraindicated in:

  • hypertension;
  • hypersensitivity to any components of the preparation;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • severe coronary artery disease.

Instructions Milife: methods of use

According to the instructions to Milife, the drug should be taken immediately after a meal inside, with a little water.

Twice a day for 50 mg for the prevention of the possible consequences of emotional stress. It can be used Milife in the complex therapy in order to improve the body's resistance in conditions that are associated with a decrease in immunity, and disease.

For 2-3 months Milife need to take twice a day for 50 mg at allergoses, autoimmune diseases, infections of unknown etiology and chronic infections.

Reviews Milife confirm that the drug is effective for improving the general condition during exercise and the impact of various adverse environmental factors.

You can apply Milife and to improve the resistance of the body during SARS and the flu epidemic, for this purpose you need to take it twice a day at 100 mg.

side effects

Admission Milife may be accompanied by a variety of allergic reactions.

Conditions and terms

It is recommended to store the drug is not more than 2 years in a cool and dry place.