Mikrolyut dragees

Mikrolyut (Microlut) refers to a group of drugs that prevent unwanted pregnancies.

International name - Levonorgestrel (Levonorgestrel).

The active ingredient - levonorgestrel.

Pharmacological action Mikrolyuta

The main difference from the combination progestagen-estrogen drugs (such Mikrogilona, ​​trikvilar etc.) is that Mikrolyut comprises exclusively gestagen, and in the minimum dosage. This is the reason a good tolerability. As in the other contraceptives, belonging to the group "mini-pill", in Mikrolyute gestagen contains three to five times less than the combined contraceptives.

Contraceptive action Mikrolyuta progestin caused by peripheral effects. Thus, the drug helps:

  • change in the properties of cervical and cervical mucus (it becomes more viscous, which in turn prevents penetration of sperm into the uterus);
  • slowing down the process of proliferation of the endometrium (thereby create conditions that prevent implantation of a fertilized egg cell);
  • inhibition of the release of hypothalamic releasing factors;
  • decreased function of the corpus luteum.

Since the dose of levonorgestrel (the main active ingredient) in the preparation is low, and all of these processes are expressed slightly. Complete suppression of ovulation does not occur, however, the contraceptive effect is achieved.

Levonorgestrel after receiving Mikrolyuta rapidly and fully absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and for two hours, its concentration in the blood reaches a maximum (usually 30-120 minutes). Later, the concentration decreases. The active substance is derived in roughly equal proportion with the feces and the urine.

Daily intake Mikrolyuta not promote accumulation of levonorgestrel and its metabolites in the body.

The active ingredient is 100% bioavailable.

Release form and composition of the drug

Due to low content of hormones in preparation Mikrolyut is classified hormonal contraceptives class "mini-pill" (minimum pills).

Each tablet contains 0, 03 mg of the active ingredient.

The drug enters the sale packages (5 weeks), including 35 pieces of pellets. Additionally equipped with a calendar.

Indications Mikrolyuta

According to the instructions, Mikrolyut is an effective drug to prevent pregnancy. Appointed as a means of contraception more women using non-hormonal methods of preventing pregnancy.

The drug is recommended in cases where the reception of combined estrogen-progestogen contraception, for any reason is impossible.

Contraindications to the appointment

 Mikrolyut 0, 03 mg

Mikrolyut not be taken in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • in case of serious disruption of the functioning of the liver;
  • in hereditary benign hyperbilirubinemia (Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor syndrome);
  • for tumors of the liver (if there were before or at the moment);
  • if during a previous pregnancy a woman had herpes;
  • when thromboembolic processes (including the blood circulation in the brain, in cardiovascular diseases, etc.);
  • in the presence of severe diabetes, accompanied by vascular complications;
  • when sickle cell anemia.

Instructions Mikrolyuta: Dosing and dose

Take Mikrolyut orally for a long period of time, every day, without interrupting the course. Home reception to coincide with the first day of the menstrual cycle. Dragee one taken from a calendar packaging cell corresponding to the current day of the week. Swallow without chewing, and washed down with a small amount of liquid.

Time of first admission does not matter, but for the next and all subsequent days Mikrolyut recommended to drink at the same hour as the optimal time between doses is about 24 hours.

The drug is taken, taking daily pills from the cells in the direction indicated by the arrow on the package until the end until the contents of the package. Further, without interrupting the course, go to a new pack. Begin the day corresponding to the current day of the week, and then in a circle.

According to the reviews of Mikrolyute, the drug has no effect on the duration and nature of the menstrual cycle. However, in some cases, to change the interval between the onset of menstruation. If this interval stretched to 6 weeks, you should be examined by a gynecologist to determine whether a pregnancy has not occurred. In the future, the drug is only possible in the absence of pregnancy.

Application Features

After the cessation of operation of reception Mikrolyuta gonads completely restored, providing the ability to conceive.

At simultaneous reception with some antibiotics (rifampicin, ampicillin) contraceptive efficacy Mikrolyuta, reviews confirm this, is reduced. This is due to changes in the microflora of the stomach under the influence of these drugs.

Admission progestin preparations, including Mikrolyuta, serves as an occasion to adjust the dosage of anti-diabetic drugs and insulin.

Simultaneous treatment with barbiturates and Mikrolyuta individual antiepileptic agents enhances the metabolism of levonorgestrel, reducing the contraceptive effect.

In the first 14 days after you start taking the drug should use an additional non-hormonal contraceptives.

To doctor can properly evaluate the regularity of the cycle, it is recommended to fill in the calendar that is in the package with the drug.

The contraceptive effect, according to the instructions Mikrolyuta may decline due to vomiting, diarrhea, individual characteristics of metabolic receiving certain medicines.

If the reception is missed pills, or the interval between doses exceeds 24 hours, the effect of contraceptive effect ceases. To restore it, continue to receive from the cell corresponding to the desired day. However, a full recovery will come no earlier than 14 days. In such cases, we recommend supplementation nonhormonal contraceptives.

After childbirth, abortion and lactation advisability of taking Mikrolyuta determined by the physician.

Before the start of the reception and then every six months, you must undergo a medical and gynecological examination.

Adverse Reactions

Reviews Mikrolyute suggest that the drug is very well tolerated. However, in very rare cases may cause the following side effects:

  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • depression;
  • fluctuations in body weight;
  • changes in libido.

storage conditions

Useful to use the drug Mikrolyut considered for 5 years from the date of issue. Store the drug must dry at room temperature.