Mikrolaks microclyster

Mikrolaks - pharmacological drug in solution form for administration in the rectum, is used to treat constipation and bowel preparation for diagnostic studies.

Structure and Composition Mikrolaks

According to the instructions Mikrolaks is a solution for rectal administration, which concluded in microclysters (a plastic bottle with a special tip) for a single use. In mikroklizme 5 ml of the drug.

1 ml of solution contains sodium citrate (90 mg), 70% sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (12, 9 mg), 70% solution of sorbitol (893 mg), and auxiliary components (water, glycerin, sorbic acid). The solution is a clear, viscous liquid.

According to the instructions issued Mikrolaks packaged with 4 microclysters and instructions inside.

Pharmacological action

This drug has a laxative effect, which is caused by its components. Sodium citrate displaces water associated with feces, sodium lauryl dilutes the intestinal contents, and sorbitol provides additional flow of water into the colon. As a result of Mikrolaks soften stool, stimulated bowel movements. The drug has only local effect, it does not fall into the systemic circulation. After the introduction of microclysters Mikrolaks effect occurs within 5-15 minutes.

Indications Mikrolaks

Mikrolaks used in the treatment of constipation of different origin in children and adults, as well as to prepare the colon for studies (barium enema, sigmoidoscopy). Mikrolaks acts directly on the contents of the large intestine, so the effect is faster than that of laxatives orally. It should be noted that the drug has no effect on the overlying gastrointestinal tract that allows Mikrolaks for infants and pregnant women. The method of introducing simple and hygienic, tool can be used immediately prior to the study of the intestine (20-30 minutes).

 Mikrolaks 5 mg


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Application Mikrolaks during pregnancy and lactation

Mikrolaks pregnancy is approved for use on any terms, as the drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream. It is also known that the drug does not cause muscle contractions, and no effect on the tone of the uterus, it suggests Mikrolaks safe use in pregnancy. Use this tool can be reused. Since the drug does not penetrate into breast milk, it is permitted for use in lactating mothers.

Dosing and Administration

In order to treat constipation Mikrolaks Infant approved for use since the early days. Tip infants should be administered only half the length (see the mark on it), to enter all content microclysters (it does not need to dose).

Adults and children older than 3 years, the tip is introduced to its full length, then the tube is compressed to squeeze out all the contents. In the opinion of Mikrolaks easy to use even for children, and the effect comes quickly.

If, after a bowel movement Mikrolaks not come and complaints persist, please consult your doctor.

Side effects Mikrolaks

In some cases, reviews Mikrolaks may cause a slight burning sensation in the rectal area. Also, there is a chance of allergic reactions.


There is no information on overdose with this drug.

Interaction Mikrolaks with other drugs

No data on the interaction with other drugs.