Mikozoral - agent with antifungal activity.  Mikozoral ointment

Pharmacological action Mikozorala

Mikozoral inhibits the development of fungi Trichophyton, microspores, athlete, yeast fungi Candida, pitospor.

The active ingredient of the drug - ketoconazole.

Product form

The drug Mikozoral designed exclusively for outdoor use, it is produced in the form of ointments.


Mikozoral effective for ringworm smooth skin, skin candidiasis, jock itch, athlete's afflicting the skin on the feet, hands, with pityriasis versicolor.

There are positive reviews of Mikozorale with which cured seborrheic dermatitis caused by the fungus Pityrosporum ovale.

Instructions Mikozorala: how to use

For the treatment of jock itch, ringworm smooth skin, athlete's foot and hand, skin candidiasis, tinea versicolor applied ointment Mikozoral one p / night on the skin, fungal attack on the area adjacent to the lesion.

For the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis ointment applied 1-2 p / day to the affected skin.

Treating ringworm smooth skin lasts 3-4 weeks, jock itch - 2-4 weeks, athlete's hands or feet - 4-6 weeks, tinea versicolor - 2-3 weeks, seborrheic dermatitis - 2-4 weeks, candidiasis - 2-3 weeks .

During treatment, the patient Mikozoralom to prevent a recurrence of the fungus is necessary to more carefully observe good personal hygiene.

 Mikozoral shampoo

Side effects Mikozorala

Mikozoral ointment can cause contact dermatitis, rash and burning hives.

Data on overdose is not fixed, it is considered impossible, as the active ingredient ointment is not absorbed into the systemic circulation.

If the drug gets inside, wash the stomach, hold a standard symptomatic therapy.


Mikozoral prohibited under the instruction applied to the damaged skin, use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance of ointment.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers can use the drug.

Ointment should not be used in ophthalmology when using it is necessary to ensure that it does not hit in the eye.

No reviews on Mikozorale and clinically significant interaction with other medications.

If the patient is taking steroids topically (GCS) for a long time, in order to avoid the development of withdrawal symptoms, corticosteroids continue to accept, reject them gradually over two or three weeks.