Mikozolon - antifungal agent.

Pharmacological action Mikozolona

 As part Mikozolona - miconazole and mazipredon causing the therapeutic effect of the drug.

Miconazole inhibits Candida and dermatophyte fungi, Gram-positive bacteria.

Mazipredon, which is a derivative of prednisolone, eliminates itching, reduces inflammation.

Product form

Produce ointment Mikozolon.

The analogue Mikozolona - drug Mazipredon + Miconazole.


Ointment Mikozolon according to the instructions prescribed for fungal skin diseases that cause candida or dermatophyte, and are accompanied by itching and inflammation.

Effective ointment in mycosis, developed in the skin folds, including in the groin, interdigital, axillary folds, with dermatoses, complicated by a bacterial infection, fungal infections in the ear canal, dermatitis, complicated by a bacterial or fungal infection.

Instructions Mikozolona: how to use

For the treatment of skin infections applied ointment Mikozolon two p / night with a thin layer. The treatment lasts for as long as necessary for a full recovery, the disappearance of symptoms.

For infections that hit the nail plate, Mikozolon ointment applied under an occlusive (air-tight) dressing. Before applying the ointment is necessary to remove the affected areas of the nail. Treatment in this case is shown continual, hold it up to the full restoration of nails.

With infections of the auditory canal ointment applied to turundy and put them in the ear two p / day. Treatment in this case also takes until full recovery.

Judging by the reviews of Mikozolone therapy in all cases, it lasts an average of 2-5 weeks.

If after 2 or 3 weeks of improvement is not observed, it is recommended to cancel the ointment and choose another drug for treatment.

The analogue Mikozolona applied for the same schemes.  Miconazole - analogue Mikozolona

side effects

Ointment rarely causes side effects. If you are hypersensitive Mikozolona may feel burning or cause irritation, redness of the skin.

Cross-allergies can start with hypersensitivity to tioconazole, isoconazole, oxiconazole.

There are reviews of Mikozolone that caused the stretch marks and skin atrophy after prolonged use of ointment.

Information about possible overdose no.

Contraindications Mikozolona

Ointment should not be used in cutaneous tuberculosis, hypersensitivity, viral diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, such as chicken pox or herpes.

Do not prescribe the means for children up to two years, it is used with caution pregnant women, breastfeeding women.

On the care and psychomotor reaction ointment Mikozolon no effect.