Mikospor cream
 Mikospor - antifungal topical.

Pharmacological action

The active substance mikospor, bifonazole, prevents the growth of dermatophyte fungi - epidermofiton, mikrosporum, Trichophyton, molds and yeasts - Scopulariopsis brevicautus, Aspergillus ferrus, Malassezia fufur. In addition, the drug has anti-bacterial action - inhibits Corynebacterium, gram-positive cocci (except enterococci).

Product form

Producing powder, cream, ointment, and the solution mikospor.

Analogs mikospor - bifonazole, Bifosin, bifonazole urea.


Tools mikospor indicated for the treatment trihofitii smooth skin microsporia favus, jock itch, athlete's foot hands, feet, multi-colored lichen, erythrasma, superficial cutaneous candidiasis, candidiasis, hit nails, nail ridges, or genitals.

Good reviews of mikospor apply for onychomycosis, hyperhidrosis stop, and to remove the interdigital intertrigo.

Instructions mikospor: how to use

The ointment or cream when mikospor fungal infections of the skin on the feet or hands, large folds cause one p / day at night. The duration of therapy is determined individually.

The solution mikospor applied thinly one p / day, at bedtime.

Judging by the reviews of mikospor for treating an area of ​​skin the size of a palm, strip enough cream to 0, 5-1 centimeters, or 3 drops of solution.

Treatment of athlete's foot between the toes or areas lasts for three weeks; mycosis skin folds, hands, body - two or three weeks; multi-colored lichen, erythrasma - two weeks; superficial skin candidiasis - two to four weeks.

Mikospor solution is useful for the treatment of athlete's foot, hit the skin on the head, beneath the hair, while before treatment is necessary to shave the hair from the site of the lesion. Treatment of this type of athlete's foot last month.

Powder mikospor used to treat hyperhidrosis stop - for two or three weeks of daily treated with vehicle stops.

Cream or ointment for onychomycosis is used to remove the affected part of the nail. According to the instructions mikospor, funds deposited one p / day over the entire surface of the nail, then closed her plaster bandage. A fresh batch of a cream or ointment is applied every day, with an interval of 24 hours. After removing the old bandage and plaster feet or hands to the affected nail dipped for 10 minutes in warm water. After steaming the softened diseased fungus nail plate is removed with a scraper. After the nail dries, applied ointment or cream mikospor, covered with plaster and a bandage.

Therapy for onychomycosis lasts until the nail bed is level and all his defeats and softened part is removed.

Cream or ointment mikospor act solely on areas affected by fungus. If evidence irritation to the skin around the nails, treating them before mikospor can be lubricated with zinc ointment.

Itching of the skin disappears after 5 days of therapy, inflammation - after 12-13 days, peel off the skin stops after 13-14 days, but to stop treatment after similar clinical manifestations disappear, it is impossible. On average, according to the instructions mikospor treatment lasts for 3-4 weeks.  Mikospor solution

If during treatment with the drug improvement is not observed, the patient is advised to undergo inspection - check the condition of the endocrine system, blood, immune system, blood circulation in the area of ​​fungal infection and, if necessary, adjust the treatment regimen.

Analogs mikospor used for the same indications, the method of their application also differ.

side effects

There are reviews of mikospor, that after using it felt a burning sensation and irritation, there is redness, peeling skin, contact dermatitis.

Contraindications mikospor

Mikospor mikospor and analogues can not be used when detecting their hypersensitivity to the active substance, as well as lanolin, tsetilstearolu. Infants, pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy, the drug is prescribed with caution.

No data on the applicability mikospor nursing women.

Clinically significant interaction means mikospor with other medications have been found.

The drug can not be used for the treatment of eye diseases.