Migrenol - non-narcotic analgesic agent.  Migrenol

Pharmacological action

The structure Migrenola are paracetamol and caffeine, which cause pain reliever, antipyretic effect of the drug.

Caffeine - a psychostimulant and analeptik acting on the excitation centers in the brain, eliminating the feeling of tiredness and lethargy, increases mental and physical activity.

Paracetamol - a pain reliever and fever reducer.

Product form

Migrenol release tablets.

Indications Migrenola

The tool removes the moderate and severe headaches, including headache, bone pain (ossalgia), muscles (myalgia), joint pain (arthralgia), associated with inflammation of nerves (neuralgia), pain when algodismenoree (menstrual cycle), toothache.

Good reviews of Migrenole applying the flu, colds, to relieve symptoms of fever.

Instructions Migrenola: how to use

Tablets Migrenol take 4 / day for two pieces with a break of at least four hours.

Permissible daily dose - 8 tablets. You can not take the drug longer than 10 days, with your own, without supervision by a doctor to remove the feverish syndrome Migrenol can be taken no more than 3 days to relieve various pains - no more than 5 days.

In long-term treatment of mandatory control the picture of peripheral blood, liver condition.

Side effects

Migrenol can cause allergy (swelling, hives, rash), nausea, epigastric pain, thrombocytopenia, anemia.

There are reviews of Migrenole that with prolonged use of a negative impact on the functionality of the liver, kidneys, blood composition (has changed its content of blood platelets, platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells).

In overdose Migrenola noticeably pale skin, decreased appetite, there is nausea, vomiting, increased liver enzymes, developing gepatonekroz: impaired breathing, dark stools, vomiting blood appears, headache. For treatment administered methionine donator SH-groups, washed stomach.  Migrenol PM

Contraindications Migrenola

Migrenol of instruction should not be prescribed in severe renal, hepatic failure, hypersensitivity, lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, children up to 12l., Patients with congenital hyperbilirubinemia Migrenol prescribed with caution.

It is undesirable during treatment abuse of tea, coffee and other caffeinated products, as this may lead to an overdose of caffeine.

Please note that the reception Migrenola may hinder the diagnosis of acute abdominal pain, as well as the fact that the drug alters the results of doping controls, increases the risk of allergy in patients with hay fever, allergic bronchial asthma.

It is not recommended to combine Migrenol with ethanol, because This adversely affects the liver.

The drug reduces the effectiveness of drugs Migrenol deducing uric acid, enhances the activity of MAO inhibitors.

Paracetamol with prolonged use increases the effect of derivatives bishydroxycoumarin, when combined with ethanol increases the risk of acute pancreatitis, hepatotoxic effects.

Severe poisoning can cause a combination (and failure to comply with dosage) Migrenola with rifampicin, ethanol, phenylbutazone, barbiturates, phenytoin, tricyclic antidepressants, phenytoin.