Mexicor pills
 Mexicor - antioxidant drug used in cardiovascular diseases, insufficient blood supply to the brain and cognitive disorders.

Pharmacological action

Mexicor has antianginal (eliminates the symptoms of myocardial ischemia), antiischemic, angioproteguoe (stimulates metabolic processes in the vessel walls), antihypoxic (increases the resistance to lack of oxygen), anxiolytic (reduces the fear, anxiety), hypocholesterolemic (reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood) and nootropic ( activates the cognitive abilities) properties.

The active ingredient is Mexicor etilmetilgidroksiliridina succinate, which in one capsule and one vial of solution contains 100 mg.

Application Mexicor enhances the activity of antioxidant enzymes, reducing the appearance of oxidative process caused by free radicals, as well as improvement of energy at the cellular level.

Mexicor to normalize brain metabolism, improve blood flow to the brain, reologichesie properties and blood circulation, reduce platelet aggregation.

Application Mexicor beneficial effects on cardiac contractile function of the ischemic state of the myocardium, reduces the symptoms of left ventricular dysfunction.

Mexicor, reviews confirm, the recovery of myocardial contractility, malfunctions which have been caused by a reversible cardiac dysfunction. The drug can improve endurance during exercise in patients with stable angina and coronary heart disease.

As the reviews, Mexicor effective in the prevention and normalization of memory disorders, learning processes, to increase efficiency and focus.

Indications Mexicor

Mexicor instructions recommended for:

  • neurosis and neurotic conditions;
  • psychoorganic syndrome;
  • the cerebral circulation;
  • vascular encephalopathy;
  • ischemic stroke;
  • light and mild cognitive impairment;
  • withdrawal syndrome.

Capsules and tablets Mexicor can be used in the complex therapy of coronary heart disease. The drug as a solution for injection is used for acute myocardial infarction.


Mexicor not assigned patients with acute liver and kidney function, hypersensitivity to the active substance or auxiliary components.

In the absence of accurate and reliable information about the safety of the drug for children, pregnant and lactating women to apply these categories of patients with drug Mexicor instruction is not recommended.

Instructions for use Mexicor

Capsules and tablets Mexicor intended for ingestion. The recommended daily dose is 300 mg, 3 doses separated. Focusing on patient tolerability and clinical course of the disease, the dose is gradually increased. Ultimately, the daily amount of drug should not exceed 800 mg, and single - 200 mg.

Check treatment with Mexicor instruction recommends gradually reducing the daily dose is 100 mg.

Treatment of coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular involves the use of pills Mexicor for at least 1, 5-2 months. Repeat courses if a decision on the need to take their doctor, it is advisable to plan for the autumn and spring.

For mild to moderate cognitive impairment, as well as vascular encephalopathy pills Mexicor take 3-4 times a day, 100 mg, the optimal duration of treatment is determined by a physician.

 Mexicor injection
 Injection solution Mexicor applying the dosage form should be monitored by medical personnel, may be administered intravenously or intramuscularly. An intravenous drip infusion of the drug, pre-diluted 5% dextrose solution or saline solution, must be done slowly - for 0, 5-1 5 hours no more than 100-150 ml. Bolus can also optionally be performed slowly - about 5 minutes.

Mexicor Parenteral administration is usually carried out three times a day at intervals of not less than 8 hours. The daily recommended dose - 6-9 mg / kg daily maximum dose - 800 mg.

For every patient instruction to enter mexicor recommends 2-3 mg / kg, but in total not more than 250 mg.

In ischemic stroke application Mexicor carried out as follows: the first 2-4 days - 2-3 times a day for 200-300 mg intravenously, and then transferred to a local administration - 100 mg 3 times a day. The duration of treatment - 10-14 days. Subsequently, the patient is usually transferred to the oral administration of the drug: for two weeks 2 times a day, or 100 mg for one week, the same dose three times daily.

Side effects

On the preparation Mexicor reviews ambiguous: on the one hand, it is characterized as a safe means of, and on the other hand, there are complaints provoked by its application dry mouth, dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea, allergic reactions.

Rapid intravenous Mexicor can cause unpleasant consequences such as heat sensation, a metallic taste in the mouth, feeling of "lack of air", scratchy throat.

Additional Information

To Mexicor remain valid for 3 years and has not lost its therapeutic properties before the specified time, the drug should be stored away from light at a temperature not exceeding 25 0 FROM.