Methyluracil candles
 Methyluracil - anti-inflammatory, stimulates the healing agent, it is also used to treat radiation sickness.

Pharmacological action

Methyluracil - pyrimidine derivative. The drug stimulates cellular enzymes, amplifying division cell growth.

It is also known that the drug has anti-catabolic, anabolic effect, stimulates the production of red blood cells, white blood cells, accelerates the healing of cells triggers cellular, humoral immunity and has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, increases resistance to oxygen deficiency, blood loss.

Product form

Methyluracil release tablets Methyluracil candles, powder, ointment Methyluracil.

Indications methyluracil

Methyluracil instructions for use in chronic, acute radiation sickness, mild leukopenia (caused by radio-chemotherapy, X-ray), aleukia alimentary toxic, chronic benzene poisoning, sore throat agranulotsitarnoy, pancreatitis, blood loss, non-healing wounds, trophic ulcers, bone fractures, burns.

Also, the means used in the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers, chronic gastritis, for the prevention, treatment of local lesions of the female genital organs, radiation injuries of colon, sigmoid colon, radiation vaginitis, cystitis.


Methyluracil of instruction is not suitable for tumors in the digestive tract malignancy, chlamydia, chronic and acute forms of leukemia, leukemic, if hypersensitivity.

Ointment Methyluracil can be combined with applications of antiseptics, antibiotics, sulfonamides.

Instructions for use methyluracil

Tablets Methyluracil take after / during a meal.

Adults show take 0, 5g of the drug four p / day (if needed - 6p / day). Babies 3-8l. allow to 0, 25g; children after 8l. - 0, 25-0, three p 5g / day.

Treatment of diseases of the digestive tract takes 30-40dney therapy for other indications shorter.

 Methyluracil ointment
 For the treatment of skin lesions, inflammatory bowel straight, sigmoid colon arising after radiation therapy, comprehensive treatment practice: prescribers, pills and ointment or candle Methyluracil.

For the treatment of burns, trophic ulcers, wounds using 10% ointment. It is applied to the affected area every day 5-10gr for 15-30dn.

When ray dermatitis, late radiation damage vaginal cream applied with a loose swab.

When proctitis, ulcerative colitis, inflammation of the colon sigmoid use rectal suppositories Methyluracil.

Adults appoint administered 1-4 candles every day, detyam3-8l. - 0, 5 candles, children 8-15l. - One candle each day. Treatment lasts from one week to four months.

In these diseases can be used microclysters containing 0, 2-0, 4gr. of active ingredient.

side effects

Methyluracil can cause dizziness, allergic rashes, headaches. Rectal suppositories may cause a short burning sensation.

Squeak of side effects increases with prolonged use Methyluracil.