Methionine tablets
 Methionine - an amino acid that affects the tissue metabolism.

Pharmacological action

L Methionine has a hepatoprotective effect (protects the liver from immune, virus, radiation, toxic, destructive factors), is an essential amino acid for the human body necessary to produce choline, a lack of which triggers the deposition of neutral fat in the liver, impaired production of phospholipids from fat.

Methionine is involved in the metabolism of amino acids containing sulfur, in the development of creatinine, epinephrine, other important compounds launches action of vitamins (folic acid, ascorbic acid, B12), hormones, proteins, enzymes, quickly brings lead, cadmium, mercury, increases stamina during strenuous load resistance, radiation. The level of L Methionine dependent condition of the hair, skin and nails - this amino acid is the main supplier of sulfur which prevents disorders in the formation of nails, skin, hair, affects the hair follicles.

Apply with atherosclerosis L Methionine reduces the amount of cholesterol and increases the concentration of phospholipids.

Product form

Producing syrup, capsule, tablet Methionine.


Methionine according to the instructions shown in liver pathologies associated with fatty infiltration of hepatocytes, at gepatoze, toxic hepatitis, liver disease, cirrhosis, in case of poisoning.

Positive reviews of methionine, is used to prevent liver damage benzene, chloroform, alcohol, arsenic.

Methionine is prescribed during pregnancy in the complex therapy of toxicosis, combining it with folic acid, vitamin B12. Methionine is also indicated in pregnancy reduced protein, problems with the placenta.

L Methionine include in the complex therapy of diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, protein deficiency, growth retardation in children.

The drug is taken as athletes, bodybuilders, to remove ammonia, which is formed after the collapse of the protein. Often appointed agent Cosmetology - to clean the liver, skin diseases.

Instructions for use Methionine

 Methionine Capsules
 Adult L Methionine take 3-4r / day 500 mg-1, 5g. For children shows such single doses: up to a year - 100 mg, 1-2g. - 200mg, 3-4g. - 250mg, 5-6L. - 300mg, the children after 7 yrs. - 500mg. Children also take pills Methionine 3-4 p / day.

According to the instructions Methionine should be taken 30 minutes-1 hour. before meals. Treatment lasts 10-30days or reached the 10 day courses with reached the 10 day intervals.

Methionine Dosage during pregnancy is individual. Consult your doctor for appointment strictly necessary, because abuse of amino acid can accelerate blood clotting.

Side effects

Reviews of Methionine mostly positive.

In rare cases, after application of amino acids observed vomiting, nausea (often arise because of the unusual smell and taste of the drug). In this case, you can try replacing pills Methionine on the capsule.

An overdose of the drug is accompanied by tachycardia, low blood pressure, disorientation. Treatment - symptomatic.

Contraindications Methionine

Methionine for instructions contraindicated in encephalopathy, severe hepatic failure, viral hepatitis, hypersensitivity.

With care prescribe a remedy for renal insufficiency. Judging by the reviews, Methionine taken before bedtime is not recommended.

Appoint Methionine preferably in combination with other amino acids. Imbalance can cause liver cells of other organs.

When using Methionine with levodopa (remedy Parkinson's disease) decreases its effectiveness.